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    hi guys I really like AOE3 (and even 2 course it’s old n’ stuff) but I’m interested in a challenge! (I’m a strategy gamer that can beat good challenge if it exists) So is there a campaign that exists.. is hard to win at it..?? is there a time of game build that will challenge you.. if so? would you name it or the information, thanks!



    Just try it and you will see. Some find campaign challenging, esp on high difficulty.

    Or try skirmish RM with 7 emperor AIs allied vs you. XL continent map. I doubt you will succeed.



    Well I asked this question 2 years ago didn’t get much answers.. but I do see in reading that some say the ai has been changed since then…



    If you put the campaign on highest difficulty, yes, it’s quite hard to win. It was originally implemented with the AI of that time for the scaling, and the AI getting smarter since release has therefore only made the campaign harder to win. I think the original campaigns are the most difficult, if you choose the loyalist options – follow orders from your faction’s leader whenever possible. (They’re also the only ones that I haven’t actually completed, so there’s that…)



    I struggle enough with the campaigns just on normal difficulty!



    Like they said : pit yourself against AI emperors.

    But what I don’t like about this setup is yes, the beginning will be very tough if the AI starts attacking you, nearly impossible because of the city spells. But if you’re able to survive and build a decent army, one to defend your throne and one to attack, you can chew through everything by making 2 super stacks. You send your super stacks to an enemy city, capture, and repeat. The difficulty won’t get harder because the AI won’t react to your strategy, it will defend all its city equally. I won a 1 vs 5 AI with that and a lucky beginning.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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