A discussion of Sorceror units on the strategic map.

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    You will be aware that all sorceror units float (eventually including apprentices) and that the sorceror can make any unit invisible. I think it would be best for the game and the class to trade power here for speciation.

    What I propose is a split between floating units and invisibilty capable units, with only the sorceror himself being capable of both. The most basic way to do this is to remove floating from elite apprentices and replace Master Illusionist with an ability that only makes the sorceror invisible. If necessary invisibility on apprentices might be made available sooner to preserve sorcerer stealth tactics.

    This gives a tradeoff between mobile summoned units and stealthy apprentices/obsidian wyverns. It also leaves open the tactics that make stealth interesting on a summoning class (summon something next to an invisible stack near an enemy city, and either leave your forces there to attack an enemy who goes after the summon or move them away to attack the city if garrison units are moved out to attack).

    So, what do people, particularly people with an interest in the stealth mechanics, think?



    the sorceror can make any unit invisible

    Any unit in the stack of a sufficiently leveled Sorcerer’s party…

    How many of those are you running around with, and what explicitly prevents other players from leveling Sorcerers themselves(lack of guaranteed access aside)?



    I will admit the “Master Illusionist” ability is relatively rare, I just think that it would be more enjoyable to have a more common but less powerful ability, one requiring planning to make good use of, in its’ place. If what keeps the ability balanced is that it is seldom used, better in my opinion that it be weaker and more readily available. And I think that there is potential to introduce a genuinely interesting strategic choice here.



    Unless your playing competition I dont think most sorcerers take master illusionist, but giving invisibility to units seems more a rogue aspect anyway.

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