Age of Wonders I and II for iPad?

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    The Jerkster

    Anyone know if there’s any chances we are going to see an iPad version of AoW I or AoW II (I’d prefer AoW I) while we’re waiting for AoW III?



    It’s very very unlikely.

    Despite that, we will be looking at tablet opportunities and Age of Wonders. Can’t say if it will be Age of Wonders III or a new game, but it’s definitely on our radar once we finish AoW3 for PC.


    The Jerkster

    Too bad! I love AoWI and would pay lots of money to play it on my iPad! Thanks for tajming time to answer me tho! Keep up the good work!


    The Jerkster

    Sorry, tajming should of course be taking.


    I don’t know, the thought of taming time is intriguing…

    as would a touch screen version of AoW…perhaps an AoW battles games?



    What about an enhanced AoW1? I’d love to play it with stronger AI and also tweaking of the game like: attacking stacks adjacent to fortified buildings, easy to use multiplayer, and ranged units who can still attack after moving (manual combat), etc.



    I love that idea Tanchiro. I would definitely buy a tablet version of AowI. I would play multiplayer all the time… and get nothing done 😛



    AoW 1 seems more likely to put on a tablet. Though I’d like an Android version as well for smartphones.



    Please make it android too 😀



    There is a strong idea that sooner or later this one will be adapted on Android platform that of famous iOS devices. Not to mention, the accessibility of using Android apps is helpful for more users and that they prefer having the same devices. Will watch for whatever plans they have for this Age of Wonders.

    Craig of

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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