AI Alignments (eg. Grey Guard pure evil?)

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    I’ve noticed in a few games that the AI has a bad time while choosing their alignments. For example, when I create a leader and make him a Grey Guard master, he’ll most likely go evil in most cases. In my most recent game, I’ve customized an Orc Warlord (!!!) and made him a Shadowborn Master. You’d expect him to be the definiton of evil, right?
    Wrong. He’s currently Slightly Good in turn 72. Here are the screenshots.



    Alignment specializations don’t seem to affect how the AI plays at the moment. Don’t know if the developers plan to change this or not.

    Race/class intentionally doesn’t affect alignment at all in AoW3. Orc Warlord’s no more innately evil than an Elf Theocrat – either one could be saintly or a real bastard.



    Yes, I could imagine about the race/class, it was only a minor joke hehe but the fact that alignment specs don’t affect the way AI plays is really intriguing. It gets really frustrating when you see a Shadowborn master having their units with morale penalties because he is neutral or good, it works like a handicap when it was intended to be a buff. Well, I suppose I’ll have to wait.



    I went pure evil as grey guard dreadnought out of necessity.

    You would do the same thing if there was cities in terrible locations and being surrounded on all sides by emperor ais. over -1000 points into evil.

    But now, it’s back to neutral.


    You miss out on population bonus growth.
    Bonus 5 GPT per city.
    Scales of Fortune.
    Shield of Dipassion’s +2 Defense but you still can get the +1 resist for free.

    I did manage to work my way back into neutrality after the emergency phase has passed.

    Then I started to apply scales of fortune to specific cities XD

    Dunno if the AI in game feel like it was necessary to abandon neutrality. But at very least my post would give you a good reason why it would be done.



    I have seen the same thing too often. Is this intended (I think not)?
    Are devs aware of this “bug” and do they intend to work on it in future patches?



    I really wish you could set AI alignment, it would make giving npcs alignment based specializations more useful

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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