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    Why is there no built-in mod support like in AoW2?
    I seriously hope you add this as soon as possible, because mods made AoW2 the best turn-based strategy game there is. I don’t mean to badmouth your efforts, but there is a huge difference between AoW2 and AoW2 with mods like Dwiggs enabled. I played the main game for like a year and the game with mods for several years. The mods are the reason I bought the game several times and gave it as a present to everyone I thought might be interested.

    I am certain that without mod support players will lose interest in this game a lot sooner than necessary.

    When I read complaints on the forums that the races were too similar and not interesting enough I wasn’t worried because I expected modders to step in, just like they did before. Now I actually am worried that we might be “stuck” with the base game and miss all the fun we had with the previous titles.

    Please tell me that you did lay the groundwork for mods and that the races, classes and abilities are not hardcoded in C++. Will we be able to modify abilities and such using lua scripts at some point?



    Nexus Mods would be more than willing to host the Age of Wonders 3 map/modding community work, and get the game integrated in to our Nexus Mod Manager for easy downloading and installation.



    Thank you, Narvek. Personally I like to just play the game now and only start fiddling with the editor later, but on the subject…
    I know the editor is not officially supported, but it’s an important aspect of the game. The AoW community was partly held alive over the years because of excellent fan made maps and map making competitions.
    Too few games have a good editor nowadays, that fact and the high quality of the AoW II editor will be responsible for some of the interest we see in AoW III now, that is what I believe. Your editor shipped straight with the game, looks very powerful at first sight, and I think Triumph has got a very strong card in its hand with this in a busy games market.
    Triumph may not need to hold the hand our hand introducing us to this editor, but it might be a clever move to get things going.
    What I wish for most is that this forum will get its own sections for scenario design and a place where scenarios can be uploaded and shared. The community deserves this. The best AoW II maps were made by fans. You’ll directly help the future content of AoW III if you give some support to the community’s efforts.




    Some of these things might already be known by the keymasters but i link some of the things i encountered on the editor. Some of these things might only have happened to me (or are just my humble oppinion) but i did hear from a couple of people that they had simular experiences in some cases.

    Some bugs ive encountered in the leader editor:
    – “new” Does not work in the “hero library tab”. It creates invisible heroes on tactical battles. “clone” does work.
    – While editing heroes “portrait” does not work.
    – While editing heroes. Changing heroes race (general tab) does not work well with “appearance” tab. I Always close the edited hero while pressing ok because it does not update at the same time. If the cloned hero is human and you change it to goblins it still stays human (human features, not coblin features) on the 2nd tab. Unless the screan is closed and started up again.

    Some things that could make the editor more user friendly.
    – Importing heroes directly from the game instead of copying numbers in the editor.
    – Tome of wonders available in the editor. (for item customising, looking at spells/perks, terrain happiness for each race etc.)
    – Tutorial about heroes/leader editing (this is timeconsuming and difficult stuff to master for the first time. And personally i have wasted many hours finding the right way to do things.)

    I would really like to spend a good amount of time on scripting my maps. Ill try to make some sense of it till the tutorial is up. I really appreciate the time you would invest in teaching us these things Narvek. And i hope ill get some more examples to pull these things off. Would really like to hear/see from players experienced with the LUA language how they do things.



    Does anyone know how to create new resources for the game (both main game and cutomised senarios) – like new hair styles and heads (I want to make my Leonardo DiCaprio avatar).

    Are new player races possible – like hybrids with Human heads and Draconian bodies ?



    Right. The Editor jut seems to crash whether I click something else or not. I literally can’t get it to run for more than 60 Seconds without it just stopping in its tracks…


    Right. The Editor jut seems to crash whether I click something else or not. I literally can’t get it to run for more than 60 Seconds without it just stopping in its tracks…

    Create a new map. Dont press anything until the new map has been generated. Once its complete you can spam click away without any crashes.



    Does the random map generator in the editor not work? /Confuzzled




    It does not work yet.



    I can’t. When the map loads, it crashes whether I click something or not. One time it actually crashed the moment the map loaded, I didn’t do anything.



    By crash do you mean go belly up or Dreaded Blue Screen of Death.

    When I try to create a map it creates it then goes and hangs (the editor not the PC).

    Note, My XP screen resolution is 1024 x 769. The game runs ok on this, and its better for my eyes than the official minimum resolution.



    It freezes. I can’t do nothing to the map because there’s no response from it and if that doesn’t happen it will just stop responding and close.



    Looking at it, the map editor campaign creator looks pretty solid and extensive.

    I think that with mod support, it’d be arguably one of the best 4X games ever made.



    Does anybody have problems selecting terrain resources in the 3rd column (shown in picture)?

    Other than that very excited about the editor and can’t wait to try it out. Actually being able to create campaigns is awesome.

    Editor error

    PS: problems sharing the picture. Just right-click and open in another window. Gah.



    How I can make better maps.How can I change the size of the maps.If I go to the largest map I just get a longer map.How can I adjust the height of the map like as that!Please help me.



    if you click somethign while it’s loading, it will crash.

    Do we know if this is something which can be fixed?



    Is it/will it ever be possible to edit units/spells/skills/races/buildings/etc?


    Steven Aus

    I think if there is a lot of community support for it, it will happen. 🙂



    “Scripting Guide coming soon!”

    I am really hoping for some usefull scripting advice on:

    – Make an unit focus on defending point x. Or stay and defend.
    – Creating a higher chance for player x to attack point/city x

    And a few usefull lines of code that can be copied and changed. To use for people not that practiced with LUA but smart enough to make small tweaks in the code.



    I wonder if you can make / edit AIs for the player opponents, that would be awesome as you could give them “personality’s” to make the player vs computer far more interesting.




    There are a few ways to give the ai more personality in the campaign. So it should be possible with the editor.


    Ice Age

    Does any one knows how I can export in game created leaders into the editor?



    Woah, i had a quick look to the editor
    Its freaking awesome!
    One thing they haven’t showed in the video is the option to create new layers, so you can have “planes” on the same map, or multiple underground layer.
    So many options!!


    The layered PSD template for the campaign map seems to be down. Can it be made available again?


    Warning. They tell no lie on system requirements. You got to have quite the rig to run that thing smoothly. I just cranked it up on a newer model low end laptop (AMD A4-5000 quad core 1.5 ghz, radeon hd 8330 integrated graphics, 4 GB ram) and it was painful.

    The game itself runs smooth though, but graphics have been tuned down.

    Too bad I am cheap and also require mobility out of my computing devices. Who knows, maybe one day I will build a monster desktop rig.



    hi guys why the game is slow ?? my ram 6 gb any one could help /



    how i can play aow 3 can some one put link or video ?



    this game looks like chess >< you have count moves and turns to play i see it hard play to play






    Ignore my post above. I figured out how to do signposts and also went back and re-did the changes I lost. Learned a lesson to keep iterated saves in case I do something the editor doesn’t like 🙂

    Triumph – I think you should make a multi-lingual Scenario Sub-forum where everyone can post their maps to. AoW Heaven has almost no traffic so you really need something here. That might be preferable to the thread I made for Scenario postings since the German & Russian forums may miss it (could always sticky the link below as redirect there too).

    Master List of Custom Scenarios & Campaigns

    Also – has the scenario editor changes at all since the beta patch? Just wondering if it matters which version I make a map with – beta Steam or GoG?

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