[WIP] All survivors keep Defending in Tactical

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    I ran into a weird situation in Tactical. A group of 5 units including a hero caught two of my units by surprise. Being hopelessly outmached, I pressed Autocombat and “won” even though 2-3 enemy units were still alive.

    I watched the replay, it appears “my” AI used Panic Attack to make some units flee, and it ended with a somewhat damaged hero versus my phalanx that was one shot from death. My phalanx got in melee range and Defended. The enemy hero Defended. My phalanx Defended. After a long while, the battle ended by virtue of no unit being damaged for X turns.

    It made sense for my phalanx to Defend (though in that case he had too few hp for the bonus to help), but did the enemy hero fear the First Strike so much that he didn’t want to strike? I think he could have survived one hit and finish me off. Anyway, that was weird.

    Post-battle save here (was too big for the forum) : http://uploading.com/3c1cm451/Double-defense-ASG



    Thanks for reporting!
    That is an interesting outcome of the battle, made a case to have a look at this. (29682)

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