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    Well, played many random scenario games (no game have been finished though), had much fun
    But there is something to bother me, Terrain Spread. What I wanted to say, that I would like to see more of them (since we have ‘Domain of Whaetever-tied-to-element’). For now, we have Temperate Empire (temperate terrain I guess? :D), Tropical Empire (sun & sand), Blight Empire (good for Dark deeds), Arctical Empire (fresh frosty air…I like it 😀 ). But ‘Domain of Whaetever-tied-to-element’ can be – Domain of Life (temperate), Domain of Corruption (blighted), Domain of (forgot the name, arctical one), Domain of Earth (subterrain), Domain of the Sun (tropical + magmatic)

    What we can see there? Yep, no domain tied to water AND no ‘Empire’ tied to Earth and Water. And we can have a nice option with Fire Mastery to ‘Magma Empire’

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