Anyone tried Endless Legend Early Access?

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    Fantasy Civ 5.<br>

    Combine that with Civ’s new “Beyond Earth” Alpha Centauri “Spiritual sequel” coming out, lots of good 4x games coming in the future.

    I liked how pretty endless space combat was, and the empire management was neat.<br>
    The mass arms race in it (like civ) just killed the enjoyment of it for me.

    Age of wonders is nice since you can focus what you want to focus on and still put up a fight /have chance at victory. These other 4x games its “Well you fell behind in the arms race, NOW YOU DIE MUHAHAHA”

    There is so much wrong with this statement.

    I have fallen behind in arms race on civ series before and still won wars. Ok I didn’t do any invading but the AI couldn’t quite kill me off.

    I was killing ww2 tanks and infantry plus artillery with my medieval knights and landknechts. They just couldn’t take my cities due to the wall of meatshields I kept on replacing.



    Oh and the best minor tribe is Kazanki the demon tribe because currently in the Alpha there is simply no way you can keep up in influence points for empire planning otherwise.


    Ifg you ahve large cities you can set your population to farm influence…



    I bought Endless Space with a bunch of friends for the multiplayer, a year after release I gave up trying to get this game to work in multiplayer.
    They never fixed the frequent desynch problems which made it unplayable. If you could get a refund so long after buying I would, I made the mistake of trusting the developers would actually bother to fix multiplayer as desynch problems in a turn based game that is saved every turn are beyond easy to fix in development terms, unfortunately not for this development team.

    I will not give this company any more of my money.


    Actually, happiness does affect cities. I have several cities that are in a state of ‘rebellion’ (but they’ll never actually rise up and throw off my evil and oppresive yoke!) and it costs my city 50% industry and dust, possibly the rest of FIDSI as well.

    Still, makes more sense economically to have a 10 cities at 50% production than 3 at 100%, especially as the cities I have captured are invariably huge.



    the back story (which I like) is that basically a spaceship crashed, and the descendants of those survivors are the Vaulters, one of the 4 current factions.

    And that crash basically is the story of their other game: Dungeon of the Endless, where you play a small group of survivors as they try to … survive? after their escape pod crashes on Auriga (apparently in what in Endless Space is the Husk of Knowledge galactic wonder).



    Played it, was good – solid empire building, though the combat was a bit lacking (coming from AoW3 which has amazing combat might be partly to blame). There are a lot of points I like about Endless Legend and some I don’t like as much (bare in mind however that it is still in early access Alpha and things might change).

    Good points:
    * Factions are unique! This. This so much. You pick your faction and that’s the faction you have. You need to play on the factions advantages and powers.
    * Complex empire building. You have a great depth in the way you can build up your empire, your finances, rare resources and metal, empire plan, etc.
    * Faction questline. You have a story driven faction questline that is quite fun and entertaining, making random games more goal driven.
    * Unit customization. You can equip your units with different gear which is cool.

    Bad points:
    * Combat is unengaging. Don’t get me wrong, combat is decent, but it’s not overly thrilling. You have to little control over it and they often do things you don’t want them to do. This is expected to be improved on though.
    * Missing multiplayer. This will however be added eventually =)

    These are just a few quick, obvious points. There are a lot of other things both for and against the game. All in all, it’s worth trying. It is the age of TBS 4X games <3



    Yes, factions are very different. I just hope that someday AoW can adopt that degree of difference for races 😀


    Yes, factions are very different. I just hope that someday AoW can adopt that degree of difference for races :D

    @ Esvath, when you sit down and actually compare them, they aren’t *that* different.

    I mean, 3 units per faction. The greatest difference is ranged/not ranged, and them strategic mechanics like using dust as a healer.

    The differences are noticeable because the faction you start with is it, there is no multi faction fighting, and you will spend most of the game with one extra unit from a sub faction.

    If you played Aow3 and couldn’t use other races at all, you’d be saying that the races feel very different, more so than now.



    I mean, 3 units per faction. The greatest difference is ranged/not ranged, and them strategic mechanics like using dust as a healer.

    In regards to units I would agree that it is a bit lacking. Each faction only has 3 units plus a hero which is a bit lackluster. I feel often when I completed the tier 2 research unit that I’ve reached the end which just feels weird =p Since you pretty much gear the units up with the same stuff, each faction unit becomes statistically very similar and the main differentiations they are left with are their units unique traits and abilities, most of which don’t work yet. So in regards to units, I would say AoW3 did a better job of keeping variety.

    The differences are noticeable because the faction you start with is it, there is no multi faction fighting, and you will spend most of the game with one extra unit from a sub faction.

    If you played Aow3 and couldn’t use other races at all, you’d be saying that the races feel very different, more so than now.

    This part I don’t agree with. The factions in EL are a lot different from each other because they use game changing traits such as Necrophage getting considerable less food from tiles, but having the unique ability to stack food piles from kills or the broken lords complete disregard for food and being completely dust dependant. When playing EL, the factions have a hugely different feel to each other both thematically and mechanically.

    Compared to AoW3 the races only have a slight income or stat tweak. You can actually set up a game so that you only have your starting race (which is quite fun btw), but you will find out that even though you are playing pure Orc, you don’t really play that differently compared to a pure Dwarf or Human race.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love AoW3, I’m just saying Endless Legend factions are, in my opinion, considerably more varied (if you take units out of the equation).



    *cough* and with the vote comming up for a community created faction, you know that should it make it that far, you really should support a fellow Age of Wonders fan with your votes *coughcough*
    Not a shameless plug at all 😛

    Though this time I doubt I’ll get a suggestion of mine into the vote.

    Someday I’ll win one of these. So far three of my suggestions for Dungeon of the Endless got into the voting stage, but I always lose in the voting 🙂



    I agree with AwesomeLion, that factions are quite different in EL since they have different game mechanics. I imagine that playing Necrophage (?) will be different than playing with Broken Lords, since these two factions use different game mechanic.

    This is where I found lacking in AOW3 because Triumph (maybe) pursues a “symetric balance” among races: balance is achieved by making each race has the same mechanic, unit types etc. There are differences in AOW races but not too extreme. If we extend the differences into economic difference between races, I am sure that playing pure Orc will be different than playing pure High Elf.

    For example, Nomad in AOW:SM is unique since it has a unique mechanic that no other race has: moveable city. Now, if only each race in AOW3 has this kind of mechanic, the races will be different and AOW3 will be perfect in my eyes 🙂



    Though Age of Wonders was always set up in a way that allowed for a homogenous (?) playstyle regardless of starting race, as players could always try to get whatever other races they wanted.
    In previous installments racial alignment made this not as viable as now of course – if you started with undead you were unlikely to also get archon troops for example.
    And indeed there were some significant differences. The nomads are a good example, but lizardmen had a very distinct feel as well.



    Also you can assimilate second minor tribe when you reach fifth Era.

    And I think vaulters is the best tribe out the four that is currently out.

    Their marines is just fantastic and allows you to deal death from long range if they’re led by a hero. And if you have the high ground while the enemy doesn’t then your crossbow will do even more damage or double strike more often. Combined by the fact that about half of the minor tribes have only like one movement which makes marines even more better.

    Although I think you can’t really expand beyond five cities without suffering from major unhappiness. There is a tech in 4th or 5th era i forgot which will let you mitigate it some more by decreasing 20% expansion disapproval i think? But still isnt enough. 😛

    Well its still in alpha after all.


    Ref racial design, I understand what you guys ar saying, and actually yeah you are right.

    From a mechanics p.o.v. the races play out differently.

    Infact, the more I play the game, the more I like it. I’m starting to look past the frankly jagged landscape design, which seems to me very much a digital boardgame look rather than a living landscape.

    I have to say, Broken Lords are possibly my favourite right now. Stalwarts suck the life force from units they kill, and Bishops do this as their base attack, from range.

    Wildwalkers have the advantage of being to kill anything before it gets to melee, which puts them one over Vaulters imho.

    Also, it’s not all that hard to set up a heavy dust economy. I’m playing them right now and am bringing in 120 dust/turn, with 3 armies of 6 and 2 of 3 about to be united.

    Anyway, ref Aow3, I have many ideas for racial asymmetry, which I think would bring things more in line with Aow1 design :).


    Also, I think classes, existing and future, are the idea to jazz up the asymmetry, e.,g. if a Nercromancer class relied almost exclusively on mana and could play equally well with or without cities, that’d be incredible.



    if a Nercromancer class relied almost exclusively on mana and could play equally well with or without cities, that’d be incredible.

    U-uh. Imagine whining in that case as there are complaints even now about Sorcerers and Druids exactly because they are little less dependent on towns.


    Also, I’m surprised no one has mentioned the music. There is a need for more of it, but it is uniformly excellent. Infact, when the music doesn’t play, the game gets noticeably more drab.



    I have played a bit of EL. It is still in need of a lot of features and balancing (it is annoying that my marines can pick off land units as they slowly trudge in, but I’m sure these things will get adjusted). If you are looking for a good game now then AOW3 is the way to go. in a month or so I think it depends on what you want.

    EL is much more focused around empire building / tech research (it’s great that it is done in a way that you will progress through era’s and most likely only research some things in each era). In this way your faction differs from the others as you will have different things unlocked. Although right now there are not many units the fact that you can adjust the equipment allows you to make some variation. You can have your standard infantry and then a second “elite” infantry that you add better equipment (using strategic resources to build).

    Another thing is the game has quests for you to go through (regardless of the fact you are doing random map). Some quests are the same across factions but then each faction has its own quest line. So in the end when they have 8 factions in the game you’ll be able to play 8 very different games.

    AOW3 does not have the depth that EL looks to have when it is done. That being said the combat in AOW3 allows for large tactical engagements with individual control. EL does not really offer this feature. So if you want a game that allows you to control each unit then EL won’t be for you. EL feels a lot more like CIV games with a fantasy setting and slightly more control in battles.

    Also they currently only have 2 victory conditions, but they plan to add more in .

    I’m really looking forward to seeing it develop as it will fill my desire to play an empire building game (and then when I want more tactical / war focus I have AOW3).


    Agreed with Dey. Infact, as a Civ with fantasy thing, EL might be pretty sweet.

    AoW is more high fantasy and much much better tactical battles. It also looks better.

    Different things for different peeps :).


    I’m watching this game as well. RE early access, if AoW had it I imagine the a lot of the aggressive balancing and fine-tuning would have been done by launch. I have played few game series with a released product that has gone through as many dramatic changes as AoW — that wasn’t an MMO, anyway.

    Whether that is a good or a bad depends on what the released vs. “final” state looks like. If the game changes in a lot of ways you don’t like then you may have wasted your money. If it changes in ways you do like, you get lucky. Either way, it’s worth your time to hang out on the forums and to try to influence changes in the direction you prefer.


    Ok, I’ve won as every race but Vaulters so far.

    Broken Lords are my favourite, as once you have a decent economy, you can still pump out Stalwarts, cheaply, and heal them easily, so you can steamroll better than anyone else imho. Bear in mind that realistically you aren’t going to have numerous armies, the effect is highlighted.

    Also, dust is used for rushing by anyone, and having more dust is easily done as Broken Lords, so they have an easier time rushing building and units, ergo, an easier time building up an empire.

    Next game is Vaulter time.



    If anyone is interested, the forum poll for the community created faction is now up:

    You can vote once, choosing up to 10 of the 99 factions you like.

    But be warned: if you really want to make an educated choice, that means reading 99 submissions 🙂 People put a lot of effort into this, so the more people take an interest and vote, the better.

    (and yes obviously I’d appreciate votes, but eh, everybody should vote for what they think will enrich the game the most)



    I’ve played 16 hours now, and tbh I am feeling the game is lacking a certain je ne sais quoi.

    I am reluctant to bash it because of that though, and assuming updates will be coming in thick and fast, I am going to leave it for a couple of weeks.

    I think the issue is that the world seems to lack personality, infact the game lacks it in general, this despite the factions being nicely different from each other.

    regarding the graphics, I don’t really see why everyone is so excited about them, the map to me looks a bit cluttered, and the way stats etc. interact is a bit meh right now.

    This game has a tonne of potential, and I do think that it will be the game FE tried to be, but right now I feel like I am playing a spreadsheet. 🙁

    I’ll be keeping my eye on this and playing it, as it can only improve, and their forum is pretty friendly and the developers seem on the ball.

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