AoW2 Missing Features in AoW3?

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    There were a couple features that were strongly hinted at in AoW2, but that weren’t quite working, and I’m just wondering about AoW3.

    1) Ships
    I saw that city upgrades include a harbor. I assume this means ships? Can the AI use ships for transporting units and to attack your own transports?

    2) Settler units
    These can be used to build new cities? AoW2 had a decent balance were founding new cities was possible, but very expensive (settlers cost gold ad population, build a new village cost a lot of gold), making it an important strategic decision. The AI would use provided settlers in AoW2, but would never bother to build these units. Since the AI at higher levels got a significant bonus to everything, reducing the penalty to founding new settlements, that might have been a blessing, or you would have ended up with a “city of cities”.

    How does settling work in AoW3? Do we still have harsh penalties for building settlers and founding cities? Does the AI make smart decisions about settlers? Are there limits to how many or how closely you can plop down new towns, e.g. as Civ does with a minimum distance between cities? (edit: actually AoW2 had this minimum distance feature)

    3) Builder Units
    These guys in AoW2 were used to a) build roads, b) build a watchtower, and 3) repair structures that had been razed. I don’t quite recall the exact costs for the builder (did it cost gold, but population, too?), but it cost enough that I rarely bothered building one except to rebuild razed towns.
    a) Roads
    These would have come in very handy if you were playing goblins/dwarves/undead and found yourself in a forest. Alas, each segment of road cost 10 gold, and forests were often HUGE, making this a very expensive proposition. That might not have been a totally bad thing to avoid having the land paved over everywhere, but the penalty seems so harsh that it removed this strategic element. Maybe a reduction in gold cost would make this more feasible, but limit the builder to only X tiles of road.
    b) Obviously, building a new WT somewhere gives you a nice scouting advantage. I never ended up building any though. IIRC, they were expensive enough to not being able to afford them in the early game, and in the later turns you either had flyer with Vision II+ or you had lost the game. Again, you don’t want to have WTs everywhere, so maybe this can be left alone. Another use of WTs was (in theory) that is provided a fortified structure (1 hex in size), which you could reasonably use to plug a mountain pass or bridge.
    c) Repair structures
    This should really be a no brainer and I hope at the very least this is in now. If I raze an AI city it should be the AIs highest priority to rebuild this city. I’d only raze a city if I couldn’t hold it against the nearby enemy forces, so rebuilding the city should be reasonably safe for the AI. Though some more smarts might be in order, so this couldn’t be used to trick the AI into a useless loop if only building non-combat units. Oh – it’d also be good if they AI knew that these units should be guarded.

    The AoW2 AI never built these, even to rebuild razed cities, nevermind building roads or WTs.

    3) Stealth (concealment)
    The AI always saw you, everywhere, at all times. It scoffed at our stealth units.

    This is very tricky, I do realize this, so I don’t think this will change, and I guess that’s ok, though it’ll be a minor issue when balancing stealth units vs the AI (stealth is useless, stealth units would need “something else” to be useful at all) and vs other players (stealth is very strong against other players).

    And though I never really played it, online multi-player games suffered from stealthed units being visible when moving from hiding spot to hiding spot. Was this something MP was able to live with, or would it be better if units stayed stealthed when moving from one hidden spot to another? It makes “sense” if your scout is visible while he moves from one bush to another.

    4) Stack/army building
    The AoW2 AI was…, not very good at it. Mixing slow and fast units (that one 20mp ballista in the stack of 40mp cavalry), or army composition to counter the enemy stack. Addressing this wouldn’t be small potatoes, so I’m not holding my breath.



    Stealth works against the AI as far as I’ve experienced.

    The AI uses Settlers,yes. There’s also a minimum distance between cites and fortresses. (Fortresses generate domain and allow you to claim ressources.)
    The Builder constructs Roads, Watchtowers and Fortresses.
    The AI uses Builders too.

    The AI will build ships if it has a harbor as a city upgrade/a standalone harbor.
    There are no transportships per sé anymore. Every unit may embark, loosing MP and suffering from seasickness (Except your units have the ‘Mariner’-perk.
    In Tactical Sea Combat each embarked units is on a transportship, which is able to fight itself, but not nearly as good as Fregattes/Galleons/Ironclad Warships.

    Dunno about the stack usage of the Ai, but I’ve yet to see a cavalary + ram stack.



    Stack building could be improved relatively simple i think, as far as countering you anyway. Basically, you could have the AI build a higher % of pikeman if you are building cavalery, or have him build archers or units with overwhelm against armies of pikeman. Have the AI use cavalery if he sees an army with 60% archers.

    also, i think you could make him smarter in composing stacks. movepoints is one thing, but have him divide his archers among other infantery, and use cavalery only stacks when trying to outmanauver the opponent.

    With my very limited knowledge of AI programming, i would think above point would not take *that* much effort. I could very well be wrong though.



    Wow, that is excellent news, tharion. Some of these things are pretty tough, like having the AI handle stealth.

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