AoW2/The Wizard Throne: not an abandonware yet, I guess

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    Hello. I post here because I hope there’s still a chance to catch some developers’ eyes. Or get some advice.

    Someone asked me the French voice-over from Age of Wonders 2/The Wizard Throne.
    ( )
    I’d like to know if this would be tolerated if I upload them in the download section at Heaven Games. My case is not to lend someone in dire need those few files, it’s to upload them on a forum download section and let any potential members put their hands on them.

    I reworked the French translation of AoW2 for people who had the game in French already (i.e. the multilingual folders). Apparently, a person tried the game in French and now ask for the voice-overs. Was this game ever sold without any multilingual content, by the way?

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