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    Ok this thread is for awesome exploration ideas!!

    IMO, AOW:SM did lack in exploration. I find it supperior to any other game (inclusing HOMM3) in ANY away besides exploring. Homm3 had an amazing exploration system. Tons of thing to do/see/search for. I wish to see plenty of things in Aow3 too,and many new rewards perhaps.

    Sadly, I am not an idea man…I can be if i get a little push. But these forums are filled with enlightened people with way more experience than me…So go ahead and shoot them cool ideas!  :p


    Steven Aus

    Well, one use stat boosts or limited use items, or once per hero map sites, could be included. 🙂

    Also, different types of battles, Coliseum, event ambushes (where attacker has first turn and there are rewards for winning), aow1-style dungeons etc. 🙂


    Steven Aus


    I would like to see the explorable sites(like dungeons) come back, where you actually enter the dungeon and explore it, instead of just entering a site and being placed on a tactical battle map that roughly represents the site.



    Yeh Steven auss that’s the idea! I don’t think it’d be bad for AOw3 to take stuff from good old games that are now in limbo



    Note the exploration will only really work if it’s required by the RPG element of gameplay. This was brilliantly achieved in some community maps where you had to find some artifacts or/and capture locations in order to progress and win the map.


    I don’t know, AoW is more of a wargame than HoMM and its ilk. Going around collecting shinies too much might derail the game from its main focus.

    I would like to see AoW1 style indoor dungeons and possibly improved shrine quests (if those are in). Also recruitment sites could periodically get new troops instead of staying empty once they’re hired out. An improved shadow world (or similar equivalent) would also be nice but that’s mostly it.

    Spending 80% of the time picking stuff up like in HoMM wouldn’t be appropriate in AoW, imo, which is more about securing strategic resources and strong points, troop movement and staging, scouting, town production, etc.



    +1 to what jeanluc said.



    yeah,i am totally with Jeanluc as well.



    Brother JO

    1-)Well , we can have something like dragon utopia in homm series where you fight very powerful monsters to get  epic artifact and resources.  Like a place where you fight full stack of level 4 creatures +Boss like unit(more powerful creature than level 4 and un-recruitable , immune to drain will and has willpower)


    2-)We can also have something like uncapturable/undestroyable shadow cave which spawns aggresive independent creatures every 3-4 turn.You would have to explore the map to find out where those independent creatures coming and you would have to put some patrol to protect your mines/nodes/towers or they raze your structures.

    *This can be annoy some players or can be exploited to level up the heroes if not made perfect.


    3-)We can also have recruitment structures which enables recruitment of more powerful units to a race with a unit cap and as you capture the same structure you can recruit more of them.Example: Shrine of Chaos which enables recruitment of level 4 creatures with maximum 5(+2 for each captured shrine)

    3.1-)These structures can be made race specific and can be migrated.Like lets say we have Unholy Mountain which lets undead unit recruit titan unit and if captured by elves it can be migrated to Fairy Forest which lets elves recruit fairy dragon.

    With this we can have strategically important structures on adventure map which will give us aow 1 like recruitment.In aow1 you needed to capture bigger cities to recruit more powerful creatures.But since cities can be built and grow into big cities in aow2 and now aow3 ,aow1 system can be implemented to aow 3 with strategic recruitment sites.


    These are some ideas I have that can improve exploration system 😀



    A bigger variety than the one we already had does not mean that the focus of the game will change. You do not have to take everything to the edge people. Just a few more/different locations. Or ideas like the one about camps getting new troops. Perhaps a few shrines that will bost your hero. And more quests, than just “destroy this city or this independant”


    *This can be annoy some players or can be exploited to level up the heroes if not made perfect.


    It will deffo annoy me.



    I like your ideas bro. very well put 😀 I was thinking what’s the opinion of the devs on this though. Maybe they do not plan to change it at all.


    Steven Aus

    I think there were a few too few types of exploration sites in AoW:SM.  Adding a few more carefully considered ones are not going to break the game, and I know that the devs will consider the effect on heroes.  But if you look at the special locations page for AoW2 on AoW2 Heaven, how many different types of explorative locations do you see?  Four. Whatever faults HOMM has, one thing it does well is having lots of interesting special locations.  And it does not have to include artifacts just lying on the map. 😉 🙂  However we like to think of AoW, it does have somewhat of a hero aspect, even if not to the extent of HOMM.  And a few more explorative locations will help immensely IMO.

    I know the devs could come up with a few more interesting types of explorative options and battle features (such as AoW1 style dungeons, Coliseum, ambush events with rewards) without detracting from the AoW experience and maybe even adding to it. 🙂


    how many different types of explorative locations do you see?  Four.


    In fact there’s only one just with 4 different types of graphic in the middle and potentially different defenders.



    That’s the point. Steve has everything figured out doesn’t he :p


    I like the idea of some areas of the map being so thoroughly ‘wild’ that they are in effect off limits until you get seriously powerful. The best part of these games, IMO, is the exploration bit, and being able to get that exploration hit mid game could be amazing.



    I wish we could see the thoughts of the devs on this one



    I don’t mind expanding the terrain sets of certain tactical battles (dungeons, caves, crypts etc). But, as posters before me have said I don’t want the game to devolve in a tedious MOBA mini-game where you’re constantly trying to level up/gear your hero.

    This should be primarily a strategy game.



    Regarding Brother JO’s idea #2, sites that produce wandering stacks of independent units, that is something to consider, but carefully. Conquest of Elysium 3 has several types of different monster lairs which generate wandering monsters and most of the time what they really do is slow up the war game aspect and force players to use troops to occupy and defend them (to prevent spawning monsters) or destroy them outright (for Ancient Forests). If they don’t do this, half of the game is spent on fighting hordes of independents.

    In fact, some spell properties and special abilities were added in a patch in order to give better access to options to burn down ancient forests (which was otherwise only available to some three or four classes out of 18). That’s how bad it can be at its worst. Doesn’t mean that CoE3 is a bad game, quite the opposite, but that was a serious flaw early on.

    It is something Triumph should look at if they do implement that.

    I did love the AoW1 exploration sites, they were excellent. One request, though: Please give us a mechanic to get rid of unwanted items that are not needed, by selling them or something else. Otherwise they tend to accumulate.




    I was totally satisfied with the exploration aspect of AoW:Sm, most of the maps were really fun to explore. It was much better than in AoW2 where the landscape only consisted of land+cities and maybe some mines and towers.
    And no, imo any spawn points of independent creatures would be no good idea. I never liked these in any games they appeared. Especially in Spellforce1 all the games looked like this that you somehow had to conquer the spawn points with the heroes and used them to level up. And nope, that’s not what AoW is about…

    But I have to admit I love the idea that recruitment sites such as taverns refill with some additional creatures after some time. This would make the game much more realisitic because you don’t raid the sites, you just hire some of the guests 🙂



    My favorite part of Age of Wonders and other games of it’s type is visiting new and interesting places (exploration locations) I would like as many as possible.

    List of places from all Age of Wonders titles and other ideas marked with a *

    Income Locations – Gold, Crystal, mines etc:- Produce resource
    *Gold, Crystal Vein:- Invest resources to turn it into a mine
    *Rare resources:- these allow a special building to be build in city or confer a special ability.
    Ie 1) Mythril Vein etc:-May build a mine if the resource is in domain: Benefit you gain 1 mythril a turn, the mythril weapon upgrade may be added to an appropriate unit or hero for 1 Mythril a level.
    Ie 2) Whale, Cow, Fish, Berry patch, fruit orchid etc : A unit stack may consume the resource to heal them-self’s and add a temporary hardened benefit. Or if within domain radius a farm may be built over the resource that improves population growth.

    Magic Locations – Other class versions could be added
    Magic Power Nodes:- Generate mana extra if aliened with it.
    Magic Relay:- Expands your domain
    Magic Vault:- Contains mana and a previously unreasearched spell. usually guarded..
    Magic Catalyst:- Grants casting points or research points.
    Magic Rift:- Defeat the rift monsters and it will spawn a power node of your sphere.
    Magic Spell Towers:- Cast global spell or abilities within radius after cool down time

    Explorative Places  – Dungeon, Crypt, Ancient Ruin, Dragon’s Lair, Rainbow’s End, Wizards tower, Pyramid, Prison, Dragon peak, etc:- Explore like age of wonders-1 slowly revealing the map with treasure, traps and prisoners sometimes present and collectible from map.
    Hire Units – Campsite:- Independent units are available for hire if compatible, or fight if not.
    Tavern/ Circus, Critters den, Stone circle, etc:- :- Hire heroes/ units.
    *Slave market/Sacrificial alter:- Trade units for Gold/Mana.
    *Rogues gallery, Arch-druid circle, Wizards conclave etc:-Allows limited class related abilities and units to be purchased. If same class may improve domain radius.or enhance an ability.

    Enhancement and Restorative Places – Healing House:- Heals all units in the stack.
    Haste Berry Tree:- Restores all movement points and Haste for three days.
    Arena:- Level up units and heroes *fight in an arena map, bet on winner, become arena champion.
    Blood-lust shrine etc:- Enchants stack with ability for 3 days or until next fight

    Other – Reflective Pool:- View far away lands through these magical pools.
    Watch Tower:- Allows you to watch over a large area and offer protection for garrison units.
    Cave Entrance/ Teleporter:- Connects the surface and dungeon/ Instantly travel to another location.
    Quest stone:- Undertake a quest for a reward.
    Building Resource:- Allows a building to be built for free.
    *Artifact Merchant:- Buy and sell magic items.
    *Melee/ Archery trainer etc Improves 1 statistic of stack permanently (May only visit 1 or 1 of each)
    Market place:

    An additional map option to limit places available to only those in previous Age of wonders games or enhanced (all previous locations and more.) Would allow for nostalgia play and improve the experience for the many that would like variety and more RPG style exploration options.


    In AoW2 ships weren’t so usefuls, instead, in this new version, ships will be better, so I think that add some Sea/water places to explore will be a great idea:

    Little treasure islands, water cities(builded in 7 hexagons-islands), sea monsters and maelstrom(I don’t know if is the right word) hexagons, wrecks and so on!



    Great idea, water is mostly ignored in this type of game and has so many possibilities;
    Sea monsters like Leviathan, Megalodon , sea serpent, giant crap, killer whale, giant turtle
    Sea creatures Mermaid/man, nor whale
    Places like Pirate island, ghost ships, sunken city, shipwreck, coral, reef, pearls ????
    Terrain Favorable and Poor wind areas (increases or decreases movement)



    giant crap

    Nice! ))


    giant crap

    Hmm.. Borrow some Japanese ideas? LOL


    Brother JO

    I seriously miss this:

    I miss that too


    Hope AoW1 works on Win8…

    It works, but occasionally crashes , especially when you try to open city screen or clicking on minimap.



    Would like to see a dev replying on this thread, see what they think or plan 😀

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