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    I’ve written a little program that should make the life of modders a bit easier. It’s a pure Python program that handles the xml language files for you, in a much better way than excel. It also features a preview function, which is mighty useful for tracking down errors in your in-text icons.

    Consider it a beta version. I’ve only used it myself so far, so feel free to let me know your thoughts and suggestions for improvements.

    – Python (I used 3.5, but it’ll most likely work with any 3.x)
    and the Python 3rd party modules:
    – PyQt4 Core and Gui modules
    – lxml

    I’ll make it a standalone executable sometime in the future, but im planning to add a little bit more functionality first.


    Just unpack the archive in the UserContent folder.

    Not Implemented yet:
    – Save on exit (application level, it works on sheet level)
    – Rename prompt on creating new file (needs to be done manually ATM)
    – User settings to remember between sessions
    – open file starting in UserContent (Starts in UserContent/AoW3 Localization Manager ATM)

    And sometime in the far future:
    – Extract the game’s own localization files to enable custom translation mods.

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    Sweet! Will add this to
    Getting Started With Modding



    Very Nifty gloweye! Brilliant stuff


    Leon Feargus

    This seems nice!
    I would like to use it but am failing to install python.



    im currently in contact with the devs about how to decode the game’s 8lb files. That should enable view/translate access for any language files in the base game.

    When I got that (and completed user settings/custom languages), im gonna work harder on freezing it.(i’ll perhaps have to work with python 3.4 as there’s no real 3.5 freezer/py2exe/whatever yet as far as I can find.).

    Anyway, working on it. When I publish it, it should be a single download file that gives you anything you need if you want to translate the game to portugese, klingon, or elvish, whatever you want.(well, as long as you can write it in unicode)



    I am really looking forward to your translator tool!!!

    I would like to translate the game to Spanish language!!!



    I’m looking for someone who’s got the game installed in russian, to see if the program nicely handles all Unicode code points.

    I’d really appreciate it if a volunteer would be willing to download the test mod above. Go in game with it, and look at the text of an ability. Let me know if there’s anything weird. It shouldn’t really matter which ability, and if it’s wrong, well, you’ll know.

    As for the program’s proces, I just received a gift from “above”, so it should be there pretty soon, at least to start the process. I expect the ability to start working on translations tonight or tomorrow, and by the weekend you should be able to activate them in game.



    Hello to you, nice persone! Nice to meet you! Do you still need somebody from Яussia to test one of your.. whatever it is? It’s been two years though.

    Me myself actually need the latest build of this localization fixing software due to localization issues which are stopping me from actualizing my creative potential. Getting it would be very useful for my experiments on campaigns creating.

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