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    strategy players love numbers =) so how many (may be approximate number)  of playable races AoW3 will have? all of us love AoW2SW for many different races – each with unique play style.

    PS: and another important question: will be some independent heroes still here like in previous AoW? – I very like the what heroes remains as independents on map after their Ruler defeat and even can surprise attack and defeat bad defended capital of other player – it is part of things what realy make Epicness and High fantasy flavor to AoW2SW where you start feel what each unit has his own story.

    PPS: spoon of tar in barrel of honey: not like this “speed art style” rough concepts artwork for such epic game like AoW =(


    Only one word: Lizardmen!



    I’m hoping the campaign plays exactly like AoW1, and you’re able to choose whatever avatar for the good or bad side. Then you can swap/keep alliances with the races as you go.



    I think there is a lizardman on one of the arts in the trailer (the one with the Elven city near the river)


    Might be but I doubt. One can hope 🙂


    To me, the number of races isn’t as important as the fact that the races that exist, are all different and have distict playstyles.




    I think there were lizardmen in the teaser they showed us last Christmas, but not sure anymore….


    I would like to see the wide diversity of races we had in AoW:SM. That gave the game immense longevity for my wife and I, and really adds to the wonder part of the age.

    The Frostlings were an absolute favourite here. And I loved my Orcs and the Catpeople and Nomads.. So good. So please bring them back!





    Yes!  The Tigrans! I loved the Tigrans.

    That is one (of many) things I enjoyed about Aow1 and 2, were the unique races – Syrons, Tigrans, etc.  I hope there is at least one new unusual fantasy race.


    The Frostlings on mammoths, so good. Orc bat swarms… Goblins! Halflings!
    For me,  that expansive choice really made the game.



    I’d like at least 8-10 races, preferably a dozen. I’d like them to have distinct attributes – even if this meant that some races wouldn’t necessarily be as competitive as other races  on all maps. As long as the “weaker” races had something going for them liked different goals, funky special units, etc.

    My favorite race was the Elven race – and I didn’t mind their not having many heavy hitters ’cause I enjoyed their cavalry and archers. And their attributes – even the one that didn’t really work (Concealment).

    The less competitive races might just be fun to play against a weak AI when you’ve got some cool graphics or weapons; I use to like handicapping myself by not using the more powerful units (like Dragons).


    I have a feeling there aren’t going to be many races (not as many as in previous games at least) and that the focus will be more on race/class permutations.

    For example what happens if you combine goblins with that technologist class, do you get unique steampunk goblins? There’s a lot of possible combinations here and I wonder how they’re realized. Does every race/class combination come with unique units/spells?



    I just hope that the Elven race will keep the Nymph – my favorite unit ))



    So far the “confirmed” races I’ve found are:

    -High Elves (Wood Elves and Dark Elves combined?
    -Undead (from first screenshot in gallery?)
    -Orcs? (Archdruid in trailer, although possibly Goblin)


    …there are races that were, races that are, and races to come…


    The question is how many races are left after the lore/story has advanced. We’ve gained and lost races through all the games, so some races simply wouldn’t make sense in AoW3. That said I do hope for a large variety, and since I was always a fan of the Dark Elves I hope that we still see some of their stuff in the “High Elves” and that it’s not just “Wood Elves 2.0” like so many fantasy clichés would have it.

    And I do hope each race has their own style going, I don’t care if some races might be “weaker” than others, it’s far more interesting than to have all races be roughly identical but with different graphics.



    I really hope the Lizards make a comeback in some way. I really missed them in AoW2, though I understood the need to change them for balance reasons.



    I’d definitely expect to see one of the Lizards and Draconians, or a combination of both within one race. Either way, though, for balance purposes I’d expect the availability of swimming and other special move forms to be similar to the draconians from the 1.4 unofficial patch – namely, an above average level of access, but not the near-blanket* ‘everything that can’t fly can swim’ of the AoW1 lizards.

    *Salamanders excepted.



    People usually criticize the DLC system but I think it will be ideal for adding new content to AoW3 (like more races) and letting the devs concentrate on core game features  in the initial development process. So I think we will see an ample choice of races with time.



    You know, something that just struck me…

    People have been interpreting the “Court of the High Elves” meaning that we only have one elven race now… but the Court (and Commonwealth) seem like they’re likely to represent factions like the Keepers and Cult of Storms in the original – thus there might still be separate elven races, just that they’ve come to an agreement (or, rather, Julia and Meandor have) that they’re now working for similar aims.

    (Frankly, the impression I get is that it may be essentially a conflict between the old races wanting to preserve the old world under the Court on one hand, with the humans and High Men looking to seize their power through the Commonwealth.)




    The more the better i’d say!

    Also as stated on RPS:

    “For example: as a Goblin Theocrat you can build your own holy empire, recruit little goblin crusaders or cute winged goblin angels equipped with flaming weapons, and wage war on your heathen enemies. We want players to be able to choose between lots of different play styles, without being restricted by fantasy clichés, like All Goblins Are Evil.”

    So I hope it’s like unique race units * unique units by class your leader has = crapload of possibilities :D.

    It’s all about the replayability imo, so more choises and thus more playstyles will make this game succeed.



    I hope races still matter, i’m littlel bit worried that now your leader dictats what kind of units you have, there are concept arts with goblin and human angel, dwarven and human evangelist and so on ( because the leader is theocrat. so every race has units of the same kind because of the leaders? are all leaders able to play all races? has an goblin angel the same stats like the human or the dwarven? this are points i’m little bit worried about. i loved the different races and their strengths and weaknesses and i’m afraid that theocrat will always feel the same or the sorcerer and races don’t matter that much anymore. this gives them as well damn lot work, to model and texture for every race every unit type.




    I think you shouldn’t worry so much. Firstly, devs said that each class will have specializations, so there will be at least two different ways to develop each of the 6(?) classes.

    And as far as I understand, classes work as an enchanced altar system from AoWSM. Say you build the Order shrine and got a Golden dragon spell from relevant quests. You could do it with any race/wizard (though golden dragons usualy desert from evil ones). I think AoW 3 works in the same way, you will have racial units, buildings etc to which the special units, buildings, spells of your class (and probably some other class special stuff) will add. So if the game has say 10 races we will get at least 60! combinations of race-class. This is without counting specializations. And we don’t even know how the magic sphere system works, so there may be even more combinations. At least it is as i understand the new system.



    That’s essentially my impression as well. A race has a certain set of units it has for being that race, which is different to what other races have. You then have bonus units you get because of your class (for the Theocrat at least), and the appearance of those units (and possibly their stats to a minor extent) are modified according to race.


    Yeah I think so too. The unit roster is a combination of race and class, not just class determined. In any case it better be that way. 😛



    Is it true? Only 5-6 races will be in at the begining? You already said there will be less and no problem with that but 6 races after the 12 race of AoW 1-2 or the 15 of AoW SM is really few. 8 would be much better 😀

    And why im asking this? on the somethingawful forum a guy(or girl) with a nickname Gerblyn said(on the first page) he/she is a programmer working on AoW 3. So he/she said this:

    Sorry to disappoint, but I believe it’s 5 or 6. Each class has it’s own set of units as well though, and they all have racial variants too, so you’ll still have a huge amount of variety.

    And here is the actual comment about races(scroll down)



    Not sure how legitimate it is, but honestly this makes sense. From all the units I’ve seen I could put them all into fives races, and some of the others would be independents.

    Goblins, Undead, Humans, Elves, Dwarves are the races I think are in.

    With Necromancer still on the drawing board, there might be room for one other race. I’m hoping for six races, but who knows.

    The Eurogamer article said to expect more races in DLC’s after release as well,.



    5 or 6? No problem. We live in the [gaming] world of DLCs anyway. 🙂



    They really should start off with at least six.



    There will be 6 races. The rest are for dlc.


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