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    Yup it’s legitimate ^^


    #307, Rayb that’s just cruel!



    Narvek, would you be able to tell us what the six races are please?



    Even i could tell you:


    Orc(the archdruid from the trailer)




    Undead 🙂



    I’m not sold on the Orc Archdruid. I guess I’ll just have to wait for confirmation or more screens.



    He is green skinned and way too tall for a goblin what else do you need? 🙂



    It’s the long-hair and body shape, I guess Orcs have evolved.



    A race of them. 😛

    In all seriousness, I doubt they’re planning mass extinctions, so most races that aren’t initially available are likely still extant and available to be used for characters. The orcish druid, for instance, could be an agent of the Elven Court who’s turned away from his people.

    I’d say five of them have been positively identified, but the orc is so far only one data point, and questionable due to being a character rather than a racial unit. Meanwhile, there are a couple of possible draconians floating around.



    Im still saying they wouldnt “advertise” a leader class with just a character . On the login screen where that lovely team standing one of them is clearly an orc



    I’m disappointed if we got only 6 races. I loved the extreme variety AOW 1 offered, but Lennart talked about 3D modelization of Dire Penguins, if some units like that still exist it’ll be a glimmer a hope for me. I’ll buy it anyway because of my unconditional love for Triumph Studios even if it’s not the perfect game.

    My expects are very high for this game, but it’s just because I love the franchise so much.



    so we get 6 races,thats what i thought it would be.Hopefully we get to 9-12 with dlcs.

    I think it would be make sense,to get 2 good races,2 neutrals and 2 evils for a start.

    I know,alignment works a bit different this time,but i still believe we will see 2 of each for a start.

    So lets see:




    seems to be confirmed,even though elves could be neutral this time IF they are really composed of wood and dark elves



    ? probably draconians and or Lizardmen or frostlings.Dire penguin could mean frostlings.Could as well be the fallen Archons though now.




    ? Now it gets intersting.Dark elves,Undead archons,orcs,normal Undeads.

    I think with necromancer class already on the drawing boards and the hints we got already ,its rather unlikely we will see a real undead race because with that class it probably will be possible to play every race as undeads.Since we are hinted at undead titan though,i am almost certain we see undead archon race,but unsure if its a neutral or evil race.My personal favortite the dark elves seems rather unlikely and could  be nice stuff for future expansion/dlc when the elven court splits again 🙂





    Frostlings have to be there, just for gameplay purposes. Otherwise, snowy landscape is just pointless, as they are the only ones who can benefit from it. (but maybe if they’re not here there will be no snow at all…)

    I’d be happy if we have :

    Good : Dwarves, Elves

    Neutral : Humans, Frostlings

    Bad : Goblins, Orcs


    Just give me the Frostlings and I won’t complain nor care about the other missing races. PLEASE. I need my penguins.



    I just looked again at this screenshot and am now pretty sure that we get orcs as well.

    I just looked at it for about 4 minutes and did find a lot if interesting small things,besides the obvious fact that casting skill is still in as well:

    -It seems that there are squads of 8 units probably representing tier 1 troops and there are squads of 3 units maybe repping tier 2 troops.

    -The attacker seems to have some kind of small fortifications as well,where archers and such might be harder to hit

    -right in the middle,the green guys behind the ogre like troop really look like Orcs because compared to the defending human like troops ,they would be too big for goblins imo.

    -The guy right at the gate to the right looks really interesting not sure what to make of this.Might be some orcish hero wearing a magic item or a summoned creature.

    -the Horses to the left are in fact unicorns



    I’d have to say, I’m a bit disappointed myself. We live in the age of DLCs, so for multiplayer and custom games it’s easy enough to add more, but the story campaign (or portion therof) that comes with release is always going to be limited to what was available at the time.

    One of the big draws of this style of game is the ability to build an empire of multiple races, gaining the benefits of each and using the strengths of some to cover for the weaknesses of others. With six races and two factions in the story… it’d only take having two races committed to either side to be left with a pretty short list of races that aren’t. My concern is that having such a tight list is going to leave the campaign feeling a little… impoverished.

    Now, the twelve in the original and in TWT, let alone the fifteen in SM, is probably a little excessive, with multiple races not really getting a strong showing. However, six does seem likely to be too few.



    I myself was hoping for 9 races. If we get 6 initially the first DLC will have to give us another 3 as a pack 😉



    @mardagg: Do you mean the green guys above and to the right or above and to the left?

    The former seem too big to me to be orcs with the possible exception of warlords, and too poorly equipped to be warlords. If I had to guess, I’d call trolls.

    The latter… I really can’t make out well enough to make a call. I could persuade myself they were orcs, but I could also persuade myself they were goblins.



    I hope there will be all races from SM and some more new.


    Yaka and his Tigrans were amazing, don’t want to miss them. Would be awesome if we can convert AOW2 to AOW3 maps.



    Draxynnic: +1 to your #1782 comment

    I buy all my games because of the story and campaign. Do you belive that i bought Stacraft 2 just because of the campaign?Yes i bought one of the biggest E-sport game just for the campaign. And i played only 10 or something like that multiplayer game with it but completed the campaign like 4 or 5 times and collected all the achievements. And yes i will buy AoW 3 mainly because of the story and campaign. 🙂 Are the 6 races really that few?Ofcourse not. But my main problem with that is the other races wont be represented in the campaign. “But they will add them with DLCs”  yes…And? I can play zero story scenarios and random maps with the halfings oh yes big deal for a campaign lover. Ofcourse i will play scenarios also because its more more enjoyable than an SC2 or any other games random map or scenario just not these are my main “purpose” So i hope they plan some normal expansions with additional soty and campaign not just 1race/5 bucks DLCs. But i also know that a lot of AoW 3 player dont care about the story really much they just want to enjoy the endless possibilities of the random map generator.All in all i hope they will satisfy both groups 😀



    The large diversity and variety in races was always one of the things i loved most about AoW. Every race had their own aestethic.

    So i hope we get a diversity that can rival the old AoW. I just love slowly building out my empire over a large as possible map and eventually running into new races and whatnot.



    Unfortunaly developers have chosen the standard races. Tigrans, frostlings, draconids will be missed.



    I hope that’s a lie



    Where did you read that there will be only 5 or 6 races, really???

    Ok, Archon,Undead,Elemental and Demon-Styled units can be covered by Wizard Classes such as Theocrat, Necromancer, Archdruid and Heretic/Demonologist/Demon Lord. Maybe a Wizard Class for Syrons and Machines(Dreadnough)

    Humans,Goblins,Elves,Dwarves(in the Theocrat troop plans) and Orcs(Archdruid) are the races we already know they will be in.

    Lizardmen/Draconian and Nomad/Tigran can be mixed in one faction.(I will post a topic about it)

    Frostlings and Halflings are classics in AoW games.

    Makes a total of 9 races + 6 Class-races a total of 15. Same variation as AoW:SM.




    It was posted in another thread, and confirmed by the developers in this one.

    @draxynnic (1782)

    Though I agree with your concerns about the campaign. AoW:SM had the most races, barely touched on half of them in the campaign besides (“Here, have a starting city of that variety.”)

    I think that a campaign using six races can still be made to be great. And this would allow for more personalized smaller campaigns for additional races in the future.


    Don’t forget that other races /may/ appear in DLCs after the game’s initial release :3

    Too many people think the point of the game is solely the number of races it has :c

    If you want a game that has the main purpose of having a kajillion races, there are games like that and what ends up happening is the same thing that has happened in previous Age of Wonders games – a lot of units become redundant.

    After all, what is the purpose of having a long list of units you can use if 90% of them won’t be used more than once? 😛

    And what you all seem to be forgetting is that while there will be 5 or 6 races in the initial release, you are combining them with a Class Leader, and there’s already about 6 of those that we know of (I believe the confirmed list so far was Warlord, Engineer, Sorcerer, Archdruid, Rogue and Theocrat. Necromancer is not in this list because it has yet to be confirmed.), which means realistically you have 30-36 potential ‘races’ up your sleeve.

    Also do not forget that the Class Leader system will allow for a lot of customization, and I believe this will affect how your armies will function as well as, potentially, what units become available to you.

    So to all of you sillyheads who are complaining about the ‘lack of races’ (when we’re already getting more than we get in most games), look at the big picture and realize that you’re jumping to negative conclusions when there’s already evidence that having a lower race count won’t actually reduce our options at all on account of the new features being added in. If anything, we’ll have more options than ever before.



    Michael Tangerine Cole:

    If you want to play with for example the halfings, the fact that you can play 30 diferent elf units will help or satisfy you?Nope cause they are not halfings…

    And as i said i miss the races from the campaign because the races they  add with dlcs wont be in the campaign just in custom/multiplayer game


    I hoped for 8 races too, but 6 is still a sufficient number.
    my favourite were Lizardmen and Frostling, and i liked Dwarves and Dark Elves too, and even normal Elves.

    Probably in future expansions we will have at least a couple of new reces, and i would like some Lizardme-draconian and frostling to be added as many other said. But however i thught this: 6 are the playable races, but can be that we will have many other creatures as indipendents, maybe taken from old playable races from former chapters of AOW.

    One thing that i will really like to have, as i any other strategy game, are some indipendent buildings where, when comquered, wu can hire some special unit, maybe just one or maybe a couple more, so that we can have more variety in our army and use some beast that we like without choosing a specific race. They cold be low-medium strenght units with special features, like the dire penguin (i love that besat!) or the wivern. A bot like the workshop in AOW1 where you hired flamethrower and the builder unit…

    So we can have few well designed principal races (if 6 are few…) but a lot of nice and useful units for gameplay deepness and nice pets for nostalgia reasons without having to care a lot for race balancing.



    I’m okay with six races at first(I guess) as long as there are more added through DLC. I would also hope that there will be recruitment sites with independents.


    @tomipapa: You assume that if they add races in DLC that they won’t be given their own campaign segment, which is incredibly silly.

    People here don’t even know what races are set in stone for availability yet, they can only make assumptions, and as such they already assume that the races they ‘want to play’ aren’t in the game. There’s plenty of race options in the game as it is, don’t get greedy and be satisfied with what you have atm.

    Considering we don’t even have the game yet, it’s just silly to be upset about anything at this stage. Just be thankful the original team is working on the project and that they know what’s going on.



    How many campaign DLC  have you ever seen  to a strategy game? Not much… Expansions however usually have new campaign and more content but made longer than a DLC. Its a silly you dont know the differences between a DLC or an expansion pack

    And btw im fine with the 6 races although 7-8 would be much better  . Im not in love with the Halfings. I just pointed out if the Halfings are someone favourite race then he dont really care how much units the elves have. And thats the truth

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