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    A new race personalized summon for AD. either a t2 or 3 summon for arch that gives you a race based animal.Could be multiple chance summon or a singular choice. IM adding some armored Units and im not sure if it makes sense to summon animals armored so an idea might be to have the tier two arch druid building let you train these animals


    Dwarves: T3 Armored Boar: Stronger boar with armor if it isn’t obvious and probably something like inflict crippling or bleeding wound during lvl up.
    T2 Blight boar being removed from eldrich and put here maybe a little buff as well
    High elves: Griffons(t2 removed from eldrich) and Armored Griffons (T3)
    Frostlings: Mammoths (t2), Polar bears (t3)
    Halfling: Zephyr bird (t2 Removed from air spec)and t3 not sure(going armored version or elemental versions of everything seems a little boring lol)
    Goblin: Monkey( upgraded to T2), Big beetle(T3)
    Human: No idea tbh a version of hounds maybe
    Orc: i was thinking there dark horses as one but not entirely sure about that horses in general seem a bit meh outside of mounts
    Draconian: Raptors as one definitely but wasnt sure about the second or if the raptors would be t2/3.

    Anyway that was an idea that i think would be pretty cool and maybe make AD per race more unique



    I think it is indeed a cool idea.
    I like the current ‘Summon Wild Animal spell’ for ArchDruids, as it can be a large variety of tier I animals, from penguin to spider.
    The ‘Summon Eldritch Animal’ I’m less fond of, it’s usually the same flier type of animal, but I think that’s the spell you’d want to transform into becoming more race-based.

    For some races you’d almost need new units to make it fit, so it’s unlikely to happen, certainly for the upcoming expansion it won’t, but it’s a good idea anyway.



    yea i agree it is a little late maybe i should switch it to just balance suggestions forum

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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