Balance based on hard data from the PBEM tournament (continued)

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    Confirmed for v1.25:
    Ghouling Strike does not give any damage bonus (was +5 physical, +5 blight)



    New Priority change:
    Stiffen Limb has a strength 13 Physical check (was Spirit check)

    Confirmed for v1.25:
    Forbidden Sanctum’s battle enchantment is Mass Bless / Mass Curse and Shock Missile cast every turn on a random enemy unit

    Tigran cities get +3 gold bonus (was 5)

    Blocked Rivers (rapids) are now generated only as small sections of rivers (about 5 hexes long), and not as long rivers

    Tournament size 65 x 73 becomes Tournament square 73 x 73

    Kwapa, Nashac and, Falenas get Awaken Spirit and 2 free points (was nothing in the balance mod and Befriend Animal in the official version)

    Inject Mana Fuel has cooldown 3 and can be dispelled (was Once per battle and cannot be dispelled).



    New Priority changes:
    The True Resurect skill unlocks two spells : True Resurect (50 CP) which can affect any unit and Lesser True Resurect (25 CP) which can affect only allied units (was True Resurect costs 25 CP and can affect any unit).

    A new “Square Medium” map size is available: 89 x 89 (Medium was 73 x 97).

    True Resurrect costs 50 CP to cast (was 25 CP)



    Some proposals from the core balance group rejected (for the record):
    17.b) Chosen of T3 class units (not all of them) have Lava Walking on silver/gold medal and some malus if the unit hasn’t 100% of fire protection. E.g. for Warlord it may be only Phalanx and etc.
    For: Skuns453Lirik902,
    Against: Hiliadan, marcuspers (prefer 17.a first), Hellbrick, blackwill357, gladis

    17.c) I like the proposal of Rickyroo222: Builder of each race has Lava Walking preresearched and also has the ability “Build a Bridge across Lava River” (with width not more 1 hex)
    For: Skuns453Lirik902,
    Against: Hiliadan (but maybe give Lava Walking to Builder through Avatar or Dreadnought skill), marcuspers (but can be researched), Hellbrick, blackwill357, gladis

    17.d) 17.c + Builder of each race can build and destroy bridges on lava (although it is better to work for water bridges)
    For: Skuns453Lirik902,
    Against: Hiliadan, marcuspers, Hellbrick, blackwill357, gladis

    20. All tactical combat spells cost 50% less research points.
    (The original combat spell prices were on par with the upgrades and strategic spells of corresponding tiers. However, due to the nature of the PBEM mode going for the mid-level combat spells was never justified, leading to the weird situation when your heroes have better combat spells than your leader. This change attempts to address that and make researching combat spells for clearing purposes an option.)
    For: Jean de Metz
    Against: Hiliadan, marcuspers (unfair advantage for Sorcerer with good spells), Skuns453Lirik902, blackwill357, gladis



    An additional proposal from the core balance group rejected (for the record):
    d.6/ Succubi cost 150 gold and 30 mana (was 170 gold and 30 mana), do not have Life Steal at Elite any more, and gets Lesser Bard Skill at Veteran (was Steal Enchantment) — make them better supports (other options for the additional skills could be a strategic Healing Aura or a Healing touch ability, etc.)
    For: Hiliadan, Jean de Metz (add healing through a touch ability or strategic aura)
    Against: marcuspers (make them Irregular instead), Zaskow (not enough), xlnt, Skuns453Lirik902, gladis



    New priority changes:
    True Resurrect cannot target the cadaver of enemy units with Mind-Control Immunity and gives “Mind-controlled” to enemy units it resurrects (+25% upkeep) (Greater Resurrect, 25CP working only on allied units can still work on MCI and does not give Mind-controlled).

    Kwapa starts with Swimming (was 2 free UP), Falenas starts with Fel Horse (was 2 free UP), Nashac starts with Free Movement (was 2 free UP).



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