Basic Questions: Healing & Alignment

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    I looked at the Tomb of Wonders; maybe I am just that foolish or tired.

    1. Healing: How much does a unit heal normally without any buffs? Does it matter where they are, like in a city, or favored terrain, etc.? All I saw in the Tomb under a searching for “heal” and Game Concepts and “unit” was buffed abilities and such. Really simply question, I just couldn’t figure out.

    2. Alignment: Is there anyway to tell the alignment of a unit before you build it, so i can figure out if it will be happy with my hero? I left clicked on the portrait and saw a lot of stats, but i dk where alignment is.

    Sorry if these are really obvious. I couldn’t figure it out…





    Units regenerate a base 6hp/turn.

    unit alignment is normally neutral, unless it has a ‘dedicated to x’ ability in the description.

    By neutral I mean it will be happy with your hero.



    thanks that helps a lot!



    Yes, it is a older thread, but just in case some newer people see it..

    The only times alignment will come into play in terms of units is if you manage to charm a creature/unit that is dedicated to the alignment opposite of you. The other time is if you are good and capture a Archon dwelling or evil and capture a Fey dwelling. You can produce units there, etc but they will all suffer poor moral because they don’t agree with your alignment.

    Note that some units that are guards will have the “inherently evil” tag, but if you were to summon them/create them, they will be untagged in terms of supporting one faction or another. (Hell hound is an example of this I believe).

    It seems to be a bit tougher to become evil in the game because of the undead. All undead give credit to the “good” side when you kill them. Unfortunately, even if you are evil, the undead don’t care and will attack you regardless, so you don’t really have a choice. Same for cleaning out crypts. You have to kill undead to clean them out. Now what is interesting is destroying a Archon dwelling is considered an evil act and will hit your good faction. An interesting state of affairs to say the least.




    The Devs have stated that they intend to rework alignment, which is why they have done nothing to address its silliness and balance issues, so I wouldnt worry too much about it for now.

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    I’ve seen undead raiders creeping around my domain edge while I was evil and coming for me when I became good. Could have been coincidence, though.



    it’d be awesome if Evil alignment allowed you to create Haunted Boneyards, whose spawns you would be at peace with. Same for a Fey-spawner and a Good alignment…


    it’d be awesome if Evil alignment allowed you to create Haunted Boneyards, whose spawns you would be at peace with. Same for a Fey-spawner and a Good alignment…

    A fey-spawner or something similar would be a good addition in any event to help balance alignment modifications for neutral kills. This would actually be an interesting way to make alignment matter more. I like the idea of good / evil roaming packs ignoring empires of pure good or evil alignment when there is a match.

    All that being said, probably should just wait to see what alignment modifications are made in the next expansion at this point.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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