Berserk spell not working?

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    See pic below –
    I’m attacking as red/orange, green is defending. The previous turn I successfully – I saw the Berserk fly-out over the hero, not Resisted – cast berserk on the right-most green hero. The spell is supposed to make the unit melee attack the nearest target. I counted out the hexes to keep my guys away and make the two green heroes fight.

    Instead, the berserk hero ranged attacked my hero three times.

    Does anyone else have experience with this spell? The spell was from the hero herself, not my leader spell book.



    Hi ZombieEater,

    Are you sure that Berserk wasn’t dispelled? Normally a unit with Berserk on it would have this red spiral symbol above it, which I don’t see in your screenshot.
    Let us know if you encounter this problem again, for now I’ll assume the Berserk got dispelled.

    Have fun with the game!



    Ok, thanks for the reply.

    The leader for green was the other hero on the field. He cast Bless on the berserk’d hero at the start of their turn, so he couldn’t have dispelled it.

    I’ll just make it a point to keep track of the spell stuff in battles.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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