Beserks and its uniqueness

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    I have alot of small suggestion to units that i feel it would be cool to see, i really like to theorycraft and i really love the devs and community of this game because they are always looking to improve their game, so might as well post here, i mean it doesn’t hurt right?

    So here it goes, Berserks are cool and all as a tough infantry with charge, but does it really feel unique? I think Berserks could get a space of their on and become a more tactical unit if we could give a new ability that is basic the Beserk of warlords, how it would work, it would be once per combat a self Beserk, but why would i Beserk my own unit? Well Beserk is a cool abity but it could be even cooler, the lore of Beserks are fighting without fear, so what if besides the usual Beserk things, losing control of the unit and attacking the nearest unit it could give a small defense or damage buff, Berserks with this ability could become a unit you run to the middle of the enemy Berserk yourself and see the carnage unfold, but beware berserk don’t distinguish between friend or foe so now they have a interesting choice if you want or not to Berserk yourself.

    And as a side change, if this change would occur the spell Berserk could give also this small stats bonus and you could target your own units as well.



    Making the Berserkers have their infamous Berserker Rage sounds cool.
    I have a slightly different version though:

    On gold medal the Berserker gets Berserker Rage.
    Berserker Rage is an activated ability that can be used once per battle.
    When activated for the next 2 turns the unit will always attack what’s closest to it and its HP can’t fall below 1.
    So basically it’s Berserk + Steadfast Ward.



    Berserkers are immune to berserk 😛

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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