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    im a big fan of aow franchise and its one of my favorite games, i think that every game needs a competitive league and tournaments to keep the game active. so i’ve been building a website for the past few days that include lots of cool features that we really need such as:

    – Built-in League System:
    join league, report your lost matches and check players rankings on leaderboards.

    -Built-in Tournament System:
    no more hosting tourneys on a forum, now you can join any tournaments, pick your slot or team and report your lost match on your own

    -Advanced profiles:
    create your cutom profile and panels, setup profile banner and avatar and add other members as friend…

    -Instant Chatroom: talk privatly to any member online or chat with all of them threw public chatroom, this will appear on bottom screen once u register.

    and many other features…

    Register now at and start playing a ranked match with other members!



    Cool, can you play these ranked games Via PBEM?



    well i can create another league for pbem. bcz if i do both live and pbem on the same league most likely live players will rank higher bcz of higher number of matches. anyway we’ll see how it goes.



    DreadReapr / Mental, it’s great that you’re eager to help the community build a league! Actually, there is already one working league, which has been announced here: It is currently organizing a PBEM tournament also posted in this forum + it plans to organize a live MP tournament.

    Markymark, the main admin of the league would be very happy for you to help him improve it.

    I think it makes a lot of sense to keep only one league and put all our efforts into making it as convenient as possible for everyone.
    All the functions you list already exist in the Battlefield league, and more (such as a tool to find a time to play together for live MP and a tool to optimize the turn order for PBEM + stats of classes / races).

    So I hope you join us and do not split the community uselessly.




    thanks for reply
    i know all about the battlfield site, but i personaly dislike its theme and i think it lack of activity (maybe im wrong). i just want a good looking league site (not just tournaments) with decent activity. i dnt really care who runs it i just want it.

    you offered me to join your community and ill do the same. good luck for both of us



    The theme is surely not the best and it could be improved: you did a good one, why not just improve the one from The Battlefield?

    There is a lot of activity on The Battlefield, though I agree it’s mostly PBEM and not live MP right now. But it’s very easy to fix: 1/ organize a live MP tournament there, 2/ every time you play a live MP game, ask people to come there, it will quickly snowball. The issue is that most live MP players are lazier than PBEM players and do not register their matches.

    If you do not care who runs it, why not join the BF’s team and help improve the graphics and all? It doesn’t make sense to start a new site while one already exist.



    Thank you Hilidian.

    With pbem we have got much acitivity but you have to see, it is just aow3.
    It is not a AAA-Title, and games last long since finished. You can create an 1on1 ranking, but 1on1 is disliking.

    In History to our ladderpage
    Griffith had contacted me to make a ladder page for aow3 (we have one for aow2) and i tried to help.
    So i tried to make one with old tools and tried to test the interest,
    But some Players (maybe 50% ) wanted not play ladder, or the Players are not interesting, just want Play aow3, not more
    And when one Player want not pPay a laddergame, you can not Play a laddergame, and you Need every Player when you have only 3-4 Players for a game now! Or they say okay ladder, but never look your page, because not interesting.

    Hilidian had helped me to find a turn-around in the ladder page theme. He had maked many ideas for improving site, and we have found activity now. But it was hard work.
    But we will improve this page soon (maybe with new design) and every Player can talk about and help us with ideas.

    And we have 11GB Pictures, savegames and much more,very much, without own Server, we have a problem. This shall be respect. And not easy saying awful design….

    Now maybe we try to get the next turn-around in live-multiplayer (have posted some new Features).
    Maybe we can use domain, another Name. Just open for all ideas.

    My experience:
    Pbem is working than ladder, livemultiplayer not (or you go every day and convice Players, but i have not the time).

    Because LMP are going too Long and much games are too chaotic, no good hosts, much Connections Problems. In Pbem : Player can finished turns without time, connections and scheduling proplems!

    I have finished a team game after 3 weeks…with scheduling and much Connections Problems and which often saying -no new game yet, i want just finished old games-

    And when finished it, is just open (not really finished).
    See ffa games reported but not finished -just after last stand-, not the time to Play it to end.

    Regards, Mark



    the live community is defently more active and bigger then pbem community, we finish duels and 2v2 every day and we know each other better. also playing manual vs human is defently more fun then auto + it show real combat skills while pbem is more about economy management and leveling units vs ai.
    pbem mode has its important role tho especially for those who dont have time to finish a live match.

    you guys asked me to help improving battlefield site but i dnt have coding skills to do so, see im using hosting service they offer good stuff for beginners. all features are already coded you just need to edit theme by adding pictures and so on…it wasnt very easy tho i changed theme like 5 times till i was satisfied by this one :D. also i thought buying a nice domain such as wud encourage newcomers and make them comfortable to check it out.

    if become very active you are more then welcome to become admins for the pbem part of the community here and ill deal with the multiplayer live part bcz i have most live players on my list.



    You are not understanding, our page (you can change it too than and you can be an admin) can much more.

    Why we shall be admin in yours? Will never happening. I see no reason. You are just splitting a small community between bf-players, aow-org Players and neutral Players!

    And you are thinking ranking games are important…90% or more Players wanted just Play aow3, not more, no ranking game, why? Aow3 is unbalanced too.

    And the fights in live-multiplayer: are too Long, because Players try to make no failures. A scount fight 5 min….i do not like it. And with ranked game..more worser, maybe some Players are playing slower because they try to make tactic (bed time instead loosing game).
    And it is unbalanced too: because all Players can view units.
    (And you Need a Balance mod).


    Why don’t you guys work together and we can have an unofficial, small tournament?



    Another solution would be, that one site specializes on Pbem the other one on MP. As was said before battlefield works great for Pbem not so much for mp, Mental is an expert for mp so maybe his one will work for just that and both are happy?



    Ok I thought you hard coded everything! 😀 So bad, we could have used a designed on The Battlefield!
    Still, I think it’s a shame to split into 2 websites, even if one could be for live MP and the other for PBEM. We could certainly have one with both, especially since some players do both.

    Your 2 main issues with the BF right now are:
    – ugly
    – not enough live MP activity


    For the 2nd point, you can easily solve it: put your energy in getting people to go to the BF. + as BBB said, we can organize a tournament. BBB already agreed to help with the organization, Markymark can also organize and be a judge, you could be the 3rd one (are you in the US or Russia? Better for time zones).

    For the 1st one, it’s more complicated but it can certainly be improved if we put more energy on it.

    Anyway, independently from the 2 sites issue (for me the main issue is just that it seems worst for the community, I don’t care either if people are on the BF or your new site), what do you think about organizing the tournament with BBB and Markymark? (you can answer here maybe:



    as far as i know most live mp players are not intrested in battlefield site.
    im not intrested in hosting tournaments, what i like is an active league and on going matches which is the main reason i created this new website.



    All right, then we need another 3rd judge. Still hope you can join the tournament as a participant. 🙂



    Well, perhaps it’s an opportunity for learning for both sides. For a ranked playing site, I think most important thing is the ranking system. If it was as easy as to just click a button to make a flexible ranking system, I would’ve made it myself over a year ago. But then I noticed marky had some sort of aow3 site open alrdy, and I knew he had some experience with it from earlier. So I suggested maybe take it step further, using similar ranking system as we had in previous aow. And the ranking system seems very good on the battlefield now.

    On the other hand, the outlook is also important. And perhaps the battlefield site can look bit intimidating for new users. So many different tabs and menus on the first page can be bit taunting. is more simplistic and has quite elegant look, so maybe the battlefield could benefit from similar approach also? Like having the main page dedicated to news and gamers radio. Second tab only to ladder rankings and played games. Etc.

    There is plenty of content and functions on the battlefield, so it’d be shame not to take advantage of it. But could use some simplifying / reorganizing. Sometimes less is more. 🙂


    Isn’t a league just a never ending tournament?



    this is a ladder. A league is normally just a greater tournament (for example AOW3 championship 2016). For a league we have not the Player for it, which Player wanted Play 20 games in a half year (every week against another Player, same Chance for everyone)?

    And a ladder has some Problems, some Players avoiding games against good Players, tried to find just new Players – easy to beat- and when someone is leading ranking:
    He is not more motivated because he will maybe lost his rank (why he shall Play?). So you Need further rules and some Organisators monitoring activity. Then the Problem with unbalanced games and evidences, this has often ruined a ladder. Maybe 50% of games are faked, because played with a brohter (or more brohters) and never exist?

    Normally you had 2-3 Players in a ladder dominating System, but the normal Player not using, because they want play only for fun and feeling to weak for such games. I tried always to boost just fun games / with game blog perfect for pbem / because when only elite Players are playing->often too less Players when not AAA-Game. A tournament is a very good alternative. I like the Double-Elimination System.

    By the way: when wanted, i can talk with my designer to make a new design, but maybe i’m the single one, i like the battlefield-design. Can be much better, sure, but normally is sufficent. When wanted too, we can use another Domain and another Name. But why i shall buy a new Domain? It is working and it is just a Hobby, never got a order to etablating a ladder for aow3.



    the battelfield is fine, ugly – but working (well mostly ugly (: )

    there are judges – there are rules, methods, tested procedures – you can’t just scratch that for a pretty page. i’d be best if we had a liiill bit o’help by Triumph – hint, hint

    anyway – one community = one site




    When interest tell me your dream Name for example aowleague!
    Then i try to talk with my designer and i will create a proposal about. With own logos, design only for aow! But i will not make it “only when the community want us”.

    Nice is when truimph can be a sponser of this Project. But i can not decide.

    And it is too possible to generate subrankings from the ranking for all-> so you can generate a ranking for “multiplayer only” or for “pbem only”. A Ranking for all games is an Advantage, not a disadvantage, you can make stats/ranking for all.



    as i said before i dnt have coding skills so i cant help the battlefield site to improve design and i truly beleive that the bad outlook of battlfield is the main reason for not having a decent activity for pbem and live.
    please do not pretend that you have a good activity bcz you dont sorry…

    so i’ve decided to try for a short period and see how it goes, if i get lots of players intrest im gonna keep it. if not ill just cancel it and go back to my casual games.



    No Problem.

    I have talked with a designer. He will make a proposal than microsite for aow3 (we Need then a new domain too to make it easier).
    The community can check the outlook and we decide what we do.


    Mentals solution can only 1on1 and 2on2
    we can much more, for example meta-statistic,ffa,pbem,subrankings for live/pbem.
    So i think it is best when we try this way.



    im not sure what u want me to do right now, me agreed to ?



    Sounds like a neat-o idea.


    i’d be best if we had a liiill bit o’help by Triumph – hint, hint

    They’re hard at work on project X.

    We need to do this ourselves.

    anyway – one community = one site

    My thoughts exactly. Let’s be honest, we’re a small community!

    So i think it is best when we try this way.

    Could you port the functionality onto Mental’s site, because it is quite an attractive site, and easy to navigate?

    im not sure what u want me to do right now, me agreed to ?

    I think he is going to redesign the battlefield, and if it is okay, then you merge with them?



    I just want to agree with the others. We really should keep it to one site when we are so few.

    I also agree that I find battlefield hard to navigate and it does put me off quite a bit. It looks to me as though Mental wants to start a new site because he wants a clean and easy to use one, and battlefield is not his which means that he has no access or knowledge to fix it up how he wants it.

    At a glance his site looks very accessible, surely the two can be merged somehow ?



    i will cancel my site once i see battlefield site getting better, good looking theme and easy access. until then im trying my website to see how it goes.
    bcz i dnt really trust 100% that battlefield will be improved soon…no offense.
    good luck anyway



    what do u mean by merged? i told u i cant help with battlefield theme.
    they can take images and similar theme from my site i dont mind.



    We are updating the page permanently. Now you see an update on topbar.
    Some good proposals are posted from hilidian. Try to solve it. but it will not solve the main Problem of the Basic design.

    So, i’m planning to create a microsite design for aow3, not more but i think we need some months. i need help from a designer, so i can not promise, but i know my fried will help. I’m sure, i’m not alone.

    When we make a microsite for aow3, we need a domain.

    I want just your help in a tournament not more. Can talk in steam about.


    When we make a microsite for aow3, we need a domain.

    Why not just port your userbase to Mental’s website then?

    His site seems to work.

    If we can get the No Quitters group involved then we can have a supersite.



    it is not possible. It is just Splitting, decide mental or Team.

    Then i will leave the Forum but playing with friends on our page (and making a lan for aow3), but no more updates and tournaments for aow. We make a good job, and we can much better when we get trust and an order for a microsite. But why we shall create a design for aow3 when truimp will do all. Just for friends? They can use page or not. We are happy.

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