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    im looking for an event manager to try hosting a live tourney. that might boost site activity for a start.



    ok folks is closed permanently for many reasons, mostly bcz:

    – we shudnt split the community into 2 sites
    – i mainly created the website for the live community but apparently live players are not very intrested in ranked games like pbem players. they mostly play for fun.
    -i expected more activity and exitement for a start, at least few ranked matches for first weekend.

    well it was fun building it anyways so its not a big deal.
    good luck with the battlefield.

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    I think your page was important to make battlefield better.
    We will try to improve page. But i can not promise anything. Maybe you can help us with a Background or Domain (when i got a microsite design)



    Mental… I was quite hopeful about your site. I do like the idea of live play ranking very much.

    I find the battlefield site real messy, but I didn’t join yours because it does seem like it would be undermining the battlefield which has been going for a while, and when our community is so small I don’t want to crash the only site that has been making an effort to bring us tourneys so far.

    It was not lack of interest on my part.



    i bought domain for a year, i would give it to you but im not intrested in paying more then a year. you cant buy it again nxt year bcz they still give me time to renew it and wont sell it to someone else for a while (can take up to a month at least)

    you can find background on google images and you can check out cool themes by creating a free account at



    okay, thank you for your offer. Will talk to my designer (when he has time).

    My idea is to create a page only with AOW3 themes,
    but i Need new graphics, web design.

    Then excluding:
    Teams (no Need for AOW3, we will never Play an 4on4 tournament, maybe 2on2 but for 2on2 we do not the Team functions )
    maybe Ticketsystem (when Problems the Players will use me).

    Seperate Games for Live – Multiplayer / PBEM (not all in one, is confusing)
    Pools are presented better in Page

    Sepearate Ranking for Live – Multiplayer / PBEM
    Maybe more for example only Live-Multiplayer 1on1 ranking.
    Replace Player pool for great ffa games

    And the Main only for News/Radio not more.

    First step is to get a proposal for a aow3 microsite.
    (but i Need the help from a designer, so i can not promise)



    actually its more about easy access then outlook, your site would be fine if you make it simple and classic.
    for example:
    drop down menus for competition is messy, maybe just make it 3

    meta statistics has nothing to do with competitive area.

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)

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