Bringing sexy back to the AoW III interface

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    Since Age of Wonders III was announced we released a lot of screenshots and several trailers at GDC and Gamescom. We showed gameplay and released a wh
    [See the full post at: Bringing sexy back to the AoW III interface]



    Without doubt the new one is better. It’s good to see that you pay attention to smaller issues like this. Well done



    Much, much better.



    Yeah, it’s better but I don’t like few small letters :f, n, g, j. For me they’re just
    uncompatible with other. j, g and n are abit to “high” but I can’t say what’s wrong with f.


    I hate the new font with a passion. Im really just bashing it with this comment but imo it has many flaws.

    The numbers look awful and all over the place and the text looks squished and stretched at other areas – the tittles being on different heights for the i and j is just silly and looks unprofessional (and it isn’t something i would instantly relate to a fantasy text)

    Is it just me, or is the top text with the new font on the spell book in bold? or in a darker color?

    I really liked the original font because its plain. In all honesty its a breath of fresh air to have something normal that everyone can relate to. In particular i think the bold name in the original text looks far superior.

    Sure it is not a “fantasy” text, but i really dont care how good it looks as long as its really easy to read.


    Much worse. Ineligible, difficult to read. But the old one is no good either, too simple and lacks character.
    I’d like to know how something like these below would look like:

    BTW: Have you tried the original AOW1 font?


    but I can’t say what’s wrong with f.

    the lower case f touches the tittle in fortification lol … typed/digital text has no excuse for such sillyness lol

    edit: i typically fight for the imo, really good cool icons that are in use within AoW3 so far. But the icon for blessing of health makes no sense whatsoever. An army with golden wings above it in the sky?

    If i was given a box with icons and names cut up separately and told to match the names to the icons .. i would never put blessing of health to this one, even if they were the only two left .. i would think i made a mistake elsewhere.


    I like the new letters, but the new numbers… not so much…



    Letters and numbers are awful both, really. Maybe the old font should be changed indeed but not to current “new” ugly one.


    The old one is much more easy to read imo. Maybe it is not ‘fantasy-like’ but I think that is less important than readability.



    So, I agree with iHunterKiller. Why must be fantasy letters? It`s a game and fantasy is in my head. Old are better…



    Yes, the old one is better as the new. The new one looks smaller and I can’t read it good like the old one.



    Hmm i have no problem reading them. Btw it’s not worse or harder to read than what we had in AoW 1.

    aow 1

    aow 2


    Red Key

    The new font doesn’t look good when it is too small. I thought it looked worse for the spell book, but it was better in the “Gustav Gorsmog” screenshot.



    I prefer old one. Numbers are terrible for the new font.

    Oldies but goldies lol



    Not sure if it’s due hi-dpi monitor but new one looks much more blurry than 1st one. SO my vote goes for old font. Though I’d prefer to see good AoW2 font back 🙂



    Unfortunately I’m not a font designer, so I can’t bash the new font hard enough, but I still can see that it is not suitable for the things it’s used for now.

    Let’s start chronologically and bring up a screenshot from the last post about the dragons, because there are some flaws there that the news screenshots don’t show.

    Look at the last word of the “Vision Range Upgrade” text. The letters p, r, a, d, e are establishing the baseline, but the g is floating above it. U has the letter spacing screwed up (it must be much closer to the word); I’m not sure why, but it looks like it’s ignoring the baseline as well (probably has something to do with increased thickness of the lower part of the letter, so the baseline for it seems to be higher than it really is); left and right parts of the letter have different “weight”, it looks like the right part is higher than the left part. All these things make the word fall apart, it’s not perceived as a whole anymore and simply looks clumsy.

    Next, look at heights of the letters. t is lower than k, h and even i(!), n is higher than y, s is higher than the main part of j, l is higher than any of the capital letters(!!!). This really distracts the human eye from perceiving the text, especially the letter t – we’re used to recognize the tall version of it, the current one looks more like an r.

    Now look at the N in the unit description. What happened with the thickness of the letter’s left “pillar”? Why is right part of it ignoring the baseline? Why do I have to stumble upon this instead of reading the description and immersing into the beautiful world of the game? =(

    Moving on – there are more issues there, but they are presented on the new screenshot as well. So here we go.

    First things first. Digits!!! The way 5 is drawn is a crime against humanity. I would understand if there would be one digit of this kind in some logo where it would be appropriate. Or if they would be distorted like this, but look slightly different every time – this would work as a handwriting imitation. But they are everywhere and they are exactly the same! That just kicks the reader out of the fantasy world: no, this is not a workbook of some sorcerer, a human (or an orc, or any other) being would not write a legion of such copied & pasted distorted digits. The zeros seem to be the only digits that the font author managed not to screw up. They are basically identical to the “o”s, but that’s almost miss-able in the middle of this numeric disaster.

    The good thing about the new screenshot is it revealed the letter f that wasn’t presented in the old one. Now we can see how it’s consuming i’s dot in the word “fortification”.

    And I’ll finish with my “favorite” part of this font. Look at the letter “e” – there are tons of them everywhere. Look at the word “technology”. Do I really need to say anything else? =)

    tl;dr. Such fonts have huge usage limitations. There are valid cases to use them – as you might have noticed, I haven’t said anything about the headers (unit window and leader name). Though technically speaking the letters are just as screwed up, they are bigger, they form titles instead of text and the result can actually be read without bleeding out of the eyes. But trying to use this font for the majority of the text (and in such small font size!) is an attempt to contradict everything about the way we perceive the text. And instead of contributing to the game atmosphere this font screws up both this additional task (it becomes a distraction that drags human mind out of the world it’s trying to immerse into) and its primary objective as a part of the user interface (the readability is decreased drastically).


    I like the new one far more, both letters and numbers.

    I don’t find letters difficult to read at all, is a quite normal type of font, remembers a bit times new roman…

    The numbers yes, are a bit more “difficult”, but i like them, a fantasy font should be a bit strange, this number look like has been written by hand. You have not to read pages and pages, column of numbers to work with or something like this, you just have some lines of text an couple of statistic, so imho ease of use is less important that esthetic and atmosphere.

    Just the Gustav Gorsmog name looks a bit weird, like the letters are too detached one from others.

    By the way,since many have isuues with the new one that imho is good, the font of this forum is not bad. Is surely readeable and not too modern. Have you considered it?



    Imo, it would be wise to decide that you guys want the most readable or most authentic fantasy fonts. Because normal fonts are always more readable than fantasy ones.


    Btw it’s not worse or harder to read than what we had in AoW 1.

    I consider AoW1, along with many others to look very bad as its out dated. I would be saddened if it came out looking anything remotely similar. Though i like how you could go back to 99 to give it credibility, thats pretty cool 😀

    likewise with AoW2, i can understand nostalgia and all that, but i would like something different that would appeal to todays gamer audiences.

    Judging by the current votes its split evenly with yes and nos, so this font will doubtfully remain (too many people dont like it).



    Waitwaitwait, what? The new font is hard to read? What the actual f**k?

    I am all for the new font, the older one looks too modern as suggested in the post. I understand people having problems with it because the numerals are a bit chaotic, but hard to read, really? The r and the t look a bit alike, yes. But anyone with a basic knowledge on english should know how words are spelt. No one in their right mind would read “fotrifications” or so on.

    So i mean i get if you think the new one is ugly, but hey, it’s way better than the old one. Think of the context, this is a fantas ygame with dragons and sorcerers and shit. If it was possible to get the font be like medieval handwriting, i would vote for it no matter how “hard” it was to read. I’m rocking a 13″ screen and have no problems reading the new font from normal distance from my screen. If you’ve problems reading it, either learn english or get glasses.

    Sorry if i offended any idiots 🙂



    I don’t care if it has a more fantasy like look. As long as it is easy to read. If the game gets the “new” look I wouldn’t mind. This game is awsome with or without it!


    Brother JO

    Guys, I think problem is not with the style of the font. The problem is texts are a bit small and too thin…(I must say that even I could able to read those without any glasses or lenses while having all those seeing problems, so I don’t understand how people cannot read it)

    0.5-0.3 to size of fonts, and a bit thickness and it’ll be all good.



    I like it a bit better then the old one, but i was also content with the old one anyway. Not having any problems reading the numbers or letters at all, even less when i clicked the screens and they were enlarged a little to what i assume is ingame size.


    First (old) font seems more clearly readable to me. Thus my vote.


    So i mean i get if you think the new one is ugly, but hey, it’s way better than the old one.

    Thats a silly sentence “i understand your opinion, but mine is better”. Hate these kinds of people.

    If it was possible to get the font be like medieval handwriting, i would vote for it no matter how “hard” it was to read.

    yeaaaaaaa …. no

    I don’t understand how people cannot read it

    Its not illegible, but its not perfect. Why settle for anything else at this early stage? =)


    War Troll

    I find them both rather dull. For a Fantasy TBS I would prefer a heavier stylization.



    Thats a silly sentence “i understand your opinion, but mine is better”. Hate these kinds of people.

    Pretty sure it’s clear the comment you quoted means that the writer finds the new font better, which is my opinion as well -not sure how you’re expecting people to have any sort of opinion on a subjective thing like a font without saying that someone elses opinion is worse than theirs, but for what it’s worth I hate the kinds of people that misquote others to bolster their position 😉

    Looks like the vote is going that way as well.



    Judging by the current votes its split evenly with yes and nos, so this font will doubtfully remain (too many people dont like it).

    25 better 15 worse is not evenly split 😛 Although you might right about that it wont remain.


    I hate the kinds of people that misquote others to bolster their position 😉

    Looks like the vote is going that way as well.

    When someone is so far on one side of the fence that there isnt even any reason for debate as you put it, on a subjective thing like a font, is redicoulus. And then to continue and bash the rest of the people for having a different opinion is apalling and i put you (and myself for retaliating) in that category too. At least i back up my opinions and dont defend on the basis of it being something i would do myself (troll jerk face !).

    Half extra (30-15) is not good. In what world is that good. Perhaps in a pure voting system for 1 or the other, but when we can many different alternatives i think you are just blind to the fact that it is bad.

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