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    I was thinking what would be cool and add a bit more chaotic balance to the game is in battle buffs, or perks (not sure what you would call them) That isnt a spell casted or anything to do with the terrian environment (though that could be cool too).

    For instance if you attack a party of 8 and you with one unit you could get a (heroically foolish perk) and it adds hp or no flanking or something.

    or if you had 2+ swordsmen and 2+ archers in a party you could get a ‘standard army perk’ adds extra damage to higher rank units.

    This is mostly for lower level units  to encourage players not to just build a stack of 8 titans these kind of perks could add a bit more depth and fun to it, I dunno thoughts?




    If I understand you correctly, you want there to be some some of natural synergy between lower level units, in order to encourage their use?


    For example, archers benefit from being near other archers, for example higher ranged attack? So there is an incentive to keep them together, but against that, a group of archers is almost always vulnerable…

    Not a bad idea, but I am more in favour of decreasing their ipkeep and increasing that of lvl 4 units massively, to encourage lower level use, although the current flanking system looks like it will also do the same thing:).



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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