[Bug] Aura Abilities don't work (immediately) on summoned units

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    Hello! So today I could observe the following behavior in a rather specific situation: I was testing a combat summon ability for one of my mods, which summons a unit with an aura type ability. And it turned out that the aura won’t affect units that are adjacent to the hex where the unit is summoned to. However when those units leave the aura range and reenter it, the aura works fine on them. (also the summoned unit is immediately affected by its own aura)

    I realize that this may not be an important bug, since the main game (= without mods) doesn’t feature any combat summon ability where this can actually happen, but I would still appreciate if someone could take a look at this, since the aura is essential for that particular summon ability in my mod. (Basically, the summoned unit is a portal and any adjacent unit gains a phase-like ability to simulate “using” the portal.)

    Best regards,



    Hi Eomolch, indeed this isn’t featured in the game, and it’s not something we can to add at this point I’m afraid, sorry.



    Hi Arnout, too bad, but I understand the decision. Also thank you for the answer!



    Hi Eomolch,

    I believe you can simulate this effect by adding an additional targeter to your summon spell that will target all units in a 1-hex radius around the target (summon) hex.



    Hi rpgllama,

    interesting idea, however I’m not sure what you suggest to do with the targeted units? If I just give them the use portal ability, they can walk around and use it from another hex, which isn’t exactly the behavior I want to have. What I could try and check however, is what happens when I “kill” and instantly “resurrect” the gate …



    Don’t think a kill/resurrect switch will work.

    I think this issue is because Aura-type effects are applied whenever a unit enters a hex – or changes it. Look for example when a unit walks through a disgusting stench aura – you see the status effect pop up every time you switch hex.

    I think it might not be possible to to this way.

    What would be possible could be to reverse the activation. I’ve thought about a way to load a Goblin Bomber in a catapult, and you could give the portal an ability, that bestows the teleport ability on other units. So that will limit the amount of teleports, but you could summon the portal next to a guy that you want to teleport.

    Just a possible alternative, as the effect would be pretty different.



    I think I will test what happens if I phase the gate next to some units. If that won’t trigger the aura, kill/resurrect probably won’t work either.

    The problem with a touch ability is not the limit (since I could make that ability free use) but rather that again, the unit could just move somewhere else and use the portal ability later/ from a distant hex which wouldn’t make much sense.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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