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    Hi everybody,

    We really appreciate you helping us making AoW3 even better. To allow is to fix any bugs you might run into, I’ve made this guide to tell you what we need to be able to do that.

    Debug Mode FTW
    Please play in ‘Debug Mode’ when Testing the Game. You can set the game to run in debug mode by checking ‘Run in Debug Mode’ found in the ‘Miscellaneous’ tab in the ‘Age of Wonders 3 Launcher’. The regular version of the game will not output the log and dump files we need to resolve some of the issues you might run into. You can find dumpfiles and logs here:

    • Windows:C:\Users\[windows username]\Documents\My Games\AoW3\Logs\
    • Mac: /Users/[mac username]/AoW3/Logs/
    • Linux: /home/[linux username]/AoW3/Logs/

    Autosave FTW
    One of the best things when we are debugging is to have a save game and the steps that lead to the bug. To do this, we need a save game from before the bug occurred. So, switch on autosaves if you haven’t already to make sure you can send those to us. You can enable autosaving by checking ‘Autosave’ found in the ‘Gameplay’ tab in the ingame ‘Options’ menu. You can find savegames here:

    • Windows: C:\Users\[windows username]\Documents\My Games\AoW3\Profiles\[triumph Account username]\SAVES\
    • Mac: /Users/[mac username]/AoW3/Profiles/[triumph Account username]/SAVES/
    • Linux: /home/[linux username]/AoW3/Profiles/[triumph Account username]/SAVES/

    When you find a bug.
    We need all the information you can give us about the issue. Unfortunately, some of this information might be lost if you close down the game so make sure to secure it before proceeding. Note that not all this information might be relevant for the bug you’ve found, so use your best judgement. Information we might need includes:

    • Version number and platform. We’ll likely update the open beta as we fix and improve the game during Open Beta. So be sure to tell us what the version number of the game is – you can find that in the top right in the game’s main menu – and on what platform you are playing. I.e. Windows, Mac or Linux.
    • The last autosave from before the issue occurred. Be sure to copy this to somewhere safe before continuing. Ending your turn either in this or another AoW3 game will likely overwrite the autosave.
    • A a screenshot of the issue. A picture is worth …
    • Information on which actions might have caused the issue. Preferably, load the autosave – after copying it to somewhere safe – and see if you can make it happen again. It’s what we refer to as a MoR, short for method of reproduction. Typically this takes the form of a list of actions, e.g. 1) load save game, 2) press end turn, 3) spectacular crash. Most of the time we won’t look into a bug – excluding fatal ones – unless we have a savegame and/or an MoR for the bug, because if we can’t reproduce the bug we don’t know what to fix.
    • Log and Dumpfile. If you crash, freeze or run into some other fatal – to the game – bug we can use the log and dump file to figure out where things went wrong. Be sure to copy those files somewhere safe before continuing. They won’t be deleted, but then you know that the most recent ones in the folder are the ones you need.

    There’s no need to immediately upload saves, dumps & screenshots when you report a bug. We’ll ask for them when we need them. Please do keep them somewhere safe on your machine, in case we do.

    When posting about the bug you’ve found.

    • Please use the search functionality to see if the issue you found – or a similar one – has already been reported. If it has, please add your findings in the existing post. This helps us find and fix bugs faster, because we get more information. It also means we don’t look for the same bug twice, allowing us to fix more bugs.
    • Please check the list of work-in-progress and known issues. These are things we know about and are working on. There’s no need to report on these as we plan to have them done for release.
    • Make a post with a descriptive name. E.g. ‘Crash when I cast This Op Spell on an allies city’. This helps other people check if an issue has already been reported. It also helps the team here when working on your report.
    • Prefix a category category to the posts name. Please use the following categories as prefixes: Bug, Balance, Mac, Linux, Multiplayer, General. This helps us making sure the right person reads your report, so we can fix things faster.
    • In the post, please describe the bug and give us your Method of Reproduction if you have one.
    • Please subscribe to your post, so we can get in touch for additional information. We’ll also try and inform you when the issue has been fixed bu posting in the topic.
    • If we ask for it, please email us savegames, screenshots, logs, dump files, etc as requested. Send them to savegames@triumphstudios.com, using the name of your topic as the subject line and adding a link to your topic in the email itself.

    Thanks a bunch & happy bug hunting : D>

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