[Noted] bug – Heal Undead not spreading hp

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    My stack: Necro leader, 1 necro hero, neither used their heal undead this turn, 2 ghoul elf cavs, both cavs <10hp, expected to have both cavs with ~30hp at start of next turn, but one cav got healed to near full, the other still <10hp.

    This is turn 4, so no funny map spells active, not in any structures either, no temp buffs from special places.

    I think this has worked in other circumstances, so not sure what’s breaking it here.

    I’m playing with the current beta patch.



    How much max hp cavs have? Because healing by abilities works from left to right, finds first damaged unit, heals it as much as possible, if some hp from healing ability remains, next damaged unit is sought, and so on.
    So if the first cav wasn’t fully healed by the first heal, the second heal would work on it too (and the second cav doesn’t get any healing).



    Maybe I’m misinterpreting the description.

    “Out of combat this ability will heal 20hp among all valid units in the stack.”

    It sounds like it splits the 20hp across all wounded, valid units, not that it heals the wounded units going from left to right to full health until 20hp are exhausted.



    Taykor is right, it should work that way.
    (Heal undead works just like the Healing ability outside combat.)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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