[Bug][Linux][Crash] Crash in debug mode when autosaving

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    build 15513
    Linux Manjoro 64b

    In debug mode I got nice jusy crash possible related to multiple assertion failure.
    I can’t reproduce this in normal mode.


    ps. logs and minidump attached.



    Does this happen after playing for a while? According to the logs it happened during quicksave. When you save the game you get a little memory usage spike. The game went out of memory and crashed. There might be a leak.



    This can be memleak – yes it happen after a longer session.
    Maybe I can limit process mem usage in bash and then start AoW3 but I do not know if this is good idea?

    How AoW3 handle memory, do you have you own pool or just ‘malloc/new’? – next time will run it with some simple memory monitor and output to file if needed.

    Can I help with that kind of bugs? Give me source I will find it;]
    Maybe valgrind will help? Or just overload new/delete you most likely know what to do 🙂

    btw. Is there a plan/guild how to report graphics issues? I found few of them



    We have new/delete overloaded and use our own pools on Windows, but on Mac & Linux we don’t because apparantly on these operating systems it’s possible for dependency shared libraries to call OUR overloaded new/delete and it messes with our memory management system. Don’t really know much about this, but it’s very inconvenient behavior. So we disabled our own pools on Mac & Linux.

    We fixed a memleak that happens when you save the game. Also with auto-save and quick-save. It’s a pretty big leak each time you save. There was also a leak when you load game.

    btw. Is there a plan/guild how to report graphics issues? I found few of them

    You could just create a new topic for each one you find.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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