Campaign endings for eternal lords

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    Sooo…im dumb and let the game update when I was on turn 87 of the third mission now it crashes the turn after I load my save which is sorta lame it may not be directly because of the update it could just be a bad save file does somebody have videos of the various endings or when you guys think everyone who wants to play the campaign has can you put the endings on here I mean I probably would have played it 3 times to see the endings because well its well done and I dont like loose ends but 4 is a bit excessive especially after I procrastinated all that time so I could use the neutral angel ^.^




    Probably this
    In undead ending you are satisfied with a world going to be as it was long ago – dead dead world.

    In frostling ending you are proud of your race and gathering forces to get into shadow world

    In shadowborn ending – canonical one – you are preparing to face terrors comming out of shadow gates soon.

    No videos though



    Its just not the same *sniffles* thank you though I suppose once my butt un numbs itself I can give it another go



    I’d say try again one more time, have steam verify your file integrity(maybe the update blew something because of some random error), and otherwise sent it to Triump with a description of it crashing and why and how.(Like: at load, always, no reason provided by the game, and whether it’s a CTD, a freeze or whatever).

    They generally get something.

    If all else fails, the “[Scenario name] Win” save might save you at least some pain.



    You guys could at least put [SPOILERS] tag in the caption.
    *Sits down, hugs his knees and cries*



    Thanks for the tips Gloweye There was a spoilers tag in his response that contained spoilers I was just asking if there was another way to see the endings due to my bad luck and general sillyness 😛



    There was a spoilers tag in his response that contained spoilers

    Oh yep, that one I missed, lol. It was not enought CAPITALIZZED I guess, for my personnal vision. 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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