Campaign with PBEM/single player balance mod.

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    What difficulty settings would be best for campaigns, if I wanted to research everything, protect my cities with tier i/ii units without losing any city, explore all treasury sites and then have epic battles of tier iv units and ultimate spells?

    I played first two maps on easy difficulty and it was too easy at end.
    So I got bored and I was playing other games.

    I know later scenarios get harder.
    So for example on first two or three maps I should pick Hard difficulty and on last ones Medium difficulty?

    I copied this thread from strategy subforum, because someone said, that no one even looks here :p

    I’ll copy here one reply, that happened in mean time.


    Mmh, this is really hard to tell, it really depends on your playstyle and how good you are! In general, you probably know that the campaign is not really designed to favour the playstyle you describe. One option would be to rush with some elite troops to tame the AI, and then take your time to explore everything. But I’m afraid, you’ll be in trouble if you just focus on exploring and don’t deal with the AI early.

    You can check how you fare in the Saphire Archipelago on Hard maybe. It’s a good test as it’s the scenario where most people starts having trouble.

    So I guess I should secure land first and then have mobile garrison of T2/T3s.

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    Based on the specificity of your demands, I would suggest taking your OCD meds as the best starting point.


    I know that you specifically said this is for the campaigns, but if that’s the way you want to play I’d seriously recommend playing random maps instead for this experience.

    In particular, a large map with seal and unification victories disabled. If you want to use ultimate spells, large maps help a lot, since you’ll have more room for cities, which means more palaces in lategame, which means more casting points.

    The problem with the campaign is that you’re usually forced to rush the computer early, which doesn’t really lead into lategame battles with all spells and units available.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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