Can someone make battle arena scenario?

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    It would be essentially hot seat game for two to eight players (humans/ai), where you could make epic battles by yourself.
    Each player would have all fully developed dwellings (6 kinds) and races (9 kinds) under their control.

    With two players game its easier to use cheats to configure arena than make map, but for example I want to see what happens if six players at war with each other attacks single target.
    Or what happens, if 7 different class players will activate their ultimate global spell.



    PBEM/singleplayer rebalance mod is incompatible with deluxe specialization combination mod – both of them shuffle spells around specializations.

    So this means I can’t have all possible units in arena.

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    We’re already working on something very similar to what you describe and you can already do hot seat to do epic battles. However, we’re capping RP to 4500 so you won’t be able to get end game strategic spells. Also, we’re developing it for 2 players, not 8.

    Check out how to get the current Arena version here:
    Check out also the videos of the 2 demo matches of the Arena:
    AbedNego (Dwarf Sorcerer) vs Nemesis Zero (Draconian Necromancer)

    AbedNego (Dwarf Necromancer) vs Nemesis Zero (Shadow Elf Sorcerer)



    How to quickly make map with 9 cities each with different race and 6 different dwellings containing all buildings normally buildable in city?

    That is 15 cities per player.

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