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    I’m fine with the AI casting spells for me in player vs. player – but not in every combat.

    Very often, [global] spellcasting gets delayed significantly whenever the AI tries to win a combat against all odds.

    Typical scenario: 1 scout / irregular gets attacked by a stronger force.
    The AI defender will still try to win by casting spells, drawing CP from the leader pool at double cost, until depleted. This can halt global spellcasting completely.

    The devs hinted on looking into some aspects of PBEM – this is one issue they may have encountered themselves while playing. I hope a final patch will include some options under which conditions a player wants autocombat to trigger [spellcasting].

    If no option, I think a majority of players will agree with the AI NOT casting spells when the odds are “Very likely victory” for the attacker + when a single unit is in play + that is not defending a city tile. Any CP spent is just lost here.

    Some basic options to set conditions for casting spells in auto combat could be:
    O Always
    O Stack value > Tier n (= the cumulative value of all tiers in the stack)
    O When Leader or a Hero is present
    O Never

    edit: added words [global] and [spellcasting] for clarification

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    • This topic was modified 5 years, 3 months ago by  Pothead Pixie.

    eRM, just toggle the option on/off on a battle per battle basis.


    That’s not possible. I’m talking about player vs. player auto combat in PBEM.



    +1 on this
    We should have an option for PBEM at the end of each turn for instance, to say “no spell cast in autocombat against human or independant” or something more elaborated like Pixie suggested.



    Yeah, agreed. a simple system like the above would be really helpful.

    Another option could be a system where you can tag for each unit – set it at “no” at every unit production, and cast spells in any battle involving a unit that has it set to “yes”. Would be a rather easy way programming wise.



    +1 Very good idea.



    Trying to revive this thread.

    My friends and I play AOW3, and constantly have several PBEM games running. In one of them, I have tried to summon a 40 mana low level scout troop, without success for three rounds now. I have 90 casting points.

    The reason. My friend is playing Necromancer, and in the first of many skirmish battles each round (typically scouts vs scouts), the AI will decide to cast Deterioate no less than two times, at double cost. Yep, 80 casting points down the drain. Every round
    It. Is. Driving. Me. Insane!

    The only redeeming factor is that the same of course goes for my friend. No Dread Reapers for him, due to the 4x Dispel Magic and Fireball that will eventually have been cast before we are done fighting. And a funny thing, we both avoid Dispel Magic, because we know the AI likes it better than candy, but he got it from some ruins.

    I do not understand why a function to disable offensive/defensive magic cannot be implemented. I would think it would be really easy? Any way to get this to Triumph/Paradox’es attention?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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