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    Ok, had to ask, how will cities work? Will each race get a race specific building and unit, which I loved about SM?

    In the screenshots the cities look fairly similar in terms of layout and size, the differences so far visible being the style of  the buildings within.

    So, are the cities the same size?

    Is there city growth? If yes, is there variation within the races?

    Is there still the migration mechanic?

    Do cities expand and develop on similar lines, or will there be specialisation, i.e. mutually exclusive development paths?

    Many many questions, because, whilst the true joy of the series for me has always been, to put it bluntly, smashing things up, cities have always been fun to develop and it was always a joy to burn down an enemy city (especially in AoW1, leaders off, if you got an enemy 4 hex and you couldn’t keep it!!).








    I can´t  see an  option, so another question, can cities be surrounded and attacked from multiple angles?


    Unique units/buildings are now tied to classes, not cities.

    However I’m really curious about attacking from multiple directions. The one siege screenshot we have seems to indicate one-directional sieges.



    However I’m really curious about attacking from multiple directions. The one siege screenshot we have seems to indicate one-directional sieges.

    I think the answer is yes – one of developers wrote that “Units do stack (up to 6 unit per stack). The Adjacent Hexagon rule even still exists” so the rules for attack still are in game – if you attacked one hex on the strategic map in the battle will participate all the armies on the surrounding hexes too. And if this is true for field battles it must be and for sieges.



    The siege screenshot definetly shows 3 armies attacking the city. Dont know if it is possible to get addiditional stacks in the fight.

    As for the city growth, it is a tricky question: on the one hand the AoW 1 system created interesting strategic situations, on the other hand AoW 2 had city building and city growth which were, I think, more interesting. Perhaps city growth can be slowed and require additional techs\buildings\upgrades to make it slower\more difficult to achieve.


    I remember one city trouble. Enemy army can stand inside the city. Result 4(1) vs 3(2).
    trouble image –



    In AoW2 with editor you could slow the city growth. So, near to the end of game not all cities were capital size.



    I would like to know if you would still get the option to name your city or be able to rename it.



    i want to know what the difference between cities and castles will be. 

    One screenshot shows a nice looking castle and i really hope that :

    -castles will be home to special units/be able to produce units as well

    -castle sieges will be different to city sieges in terms of having better walls and such,generally be more tough to conquer




    I really hope we can still migrate cities. It was the KEY feature in AOW 1 in my opinion.

    I would roam the map with my army of halfling pony riders and elephants because I migrated/captured cities, and with two earth spheres I’d fast research Gold Rush to boom my economy and make even more pony riders and elephants. Then I’d replace the pony riders by Human cavaliers.

    It was so epic to have such a variety of units available. I want the same feeling in AOW 3. From the bottom of my heart, Triumph Studios, please.



    PS : And make sure Frostlings are in.



    I’m not really for city migration, it is too close of HOMM where they did for the 6 and it was far worse than the 5 when migration was unavailable.



    liclic: AoW 1 had city migration and it was 12 years before Heroes 6. AoW 2 also had it. Its an iconic AoW feature and i hope they put it in again.



    I think interesting things could be done if some cities were not migrateable.  I also liked in AOW1 how cities didn’t grow (it isn’t realistic for every backwater to become a metropolis), but I wouldn’t suggest it be universally true.



    I like migrating it was nice otherwise you would just raze and repeat.I liked looting to,love those options.

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