Combat in Simultaneous canceling events

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    Going to try to explain it with an example:

    I start the turn and imediatly have Sundren and her army attack a group of undead. Defeating the undead completes a quest for some dragons. I get the pop-up to claim the reward, but before I manage to click anything, a group of independents attack one of my cities. The combat pop-up shows up above the quest reward one. I fight the battle. After I return to the map, the quest pop-up has vanished. As I couldn’t accept the rewards, those are not given to me (in this instance a Frost Dragon does not join my army).
    Replays show that if I wait for the AI to finish its moves and then fight the undead, as nothing interrupts the reward claims, I then recieve the reward normaly.

    Can’t promise I’ll find a savegame :/



    I had this once too when clearing a treasure site. The reward appeared again at the start of the next turn. Not sure if that also works for quest rewards but I suppose it does.



    I’ll have to check that the next time it happens. Thanks Bob!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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