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    Maybe not really a bug but quite annoying and I doubt it can be modded: The troup placement at the beginning of combat is really bad, I think there is already an algorithm in place that places heroes in the middle and bigger tiers in front. Unfortunately that means swordfighters and corpses regularly end up starting behind the lines. In my last game I had an especially annoying placement with an high elf swordfighter starting behind my troops and behind a 4 hex obstacle (see attached picture). Maybe this is something that could be adressed in the next patch? Just make infantry units spawn at the front line regardless of tier and don’t place obstacles in the middle of an army at start.


    I think this has something to do with unit priority, which can be modded. The higher it is the closer to the frontline the unit spawns I think.



    I am eternally annoyed with unit placements. They’re frequently the opposite of what they should be and it’s especially frustrating in large 3stack vs 3stack battles where a weak ranged unit might end up on the far flank and instantly obliterated due to being in striking distance of an enemy cavalry unit.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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