Crash when generating a map after (de)activating a mod adding a new layer

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    A few mods add new layers in addition to the surface and underground. In particular the Shadow Realm community expansion adds the Shadow Realm layer. The issue is that switching these mods ON or OFF consistently crash your games whenever you try to generate new random maps.

    Method of reproduction:
    1/ subscribe to such a mod, for instance
    2/ launch with the mod activated
    3/ go to the RMG, click “Restore default”
    4/ quit
    5/ launch with the mod de-activated
    6/ try to generate a RMG map, it crashes (here is a log for the Shadow Realm mod, not the 8 layers one):
    [10:19:56]Launching session
    [10:19:58]Generating random level with seed: 4269148834.
    [10:20:03]RMG Zone Settings: Land (Zones)
    [10:20:03]RMG Terrain Settings: Land (Terrain)
    [10:20:03]RMG Structure Settings: Land (Structure)
    [10:20:03][ERROR]Assertion failed: “false”
    [10:20:03]Message: Meandor’s name be praised! The game just crashed. A mini dump file was created at C:\Users\yuhui\Documents\My Games\AoW3\Logs\minidump0323_1018.dmp. Give the .dmp, .pdb and .exe files to the programmers.
    [10:20:03]d:\source.aow.gog\aow\game\source\PC/MainPC.cpp(77): (click to open)

    Steps to avoid the crash:
    After step 5/, go to the RMG and click “Restore default”.

    So a solution to prevent such crashes would be to always “Restore default” after such a mod is activated/de-activated. Best would be to restore default and then set the settings to what the users had set them to before, but not sure it’s possible.



    Booked a ticket to have this looked at for an upcoming patch.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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