Damage channel questions (using pbem/single player rebalance mod)

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    What class, specialization, race and units I should pick if I wanted to maximize damage output in single channel?

    Which ones I should pick, if I wanted to do roughly equal damage in all channels?

    For fire its easy: dreadnought + fire mastery and fire proof units should be good way to maximize fire damage.
    With hellfire and mana core bomb you sure better bring flame retardant units.
    Then your units can finish off what left from enemy army.

    earth damage:
    Warlord and Earth mastery should work fine: first cause earthquake and then warbreeds will then eat what survived.

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    There are not that many units that can give elemental weakness to other units.
    You can for instance check the list of abilities here and find the ones that increase weaknesses to Blight, Fire, etc. http://age-of-wonders-3.wikia.com/wiki/Index:Abilities Then you can check at the bottom of the page, there is a “My Tool” link, and then “What links here” and you can find the units/spells having this ability. For instance for Weakening: http://age-of-wonders-3.wikia.com/wiki/Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Weakening Goblin Blight Doctor and Blight Elemental have it.

    I would say Goblin Rogue, Frostling any class, High Elf Sorcerer, are all good combinations to max Blight, Frost and Shock respectively.
    But doing this exposes you to a combo that resist it.

    Equal damage on all channels is pretty hard. Frostling White Witch are quite useful here as they open 2 damage channels. Theo and Rogue heroes can open one channel.
    The best is probably to use the Fey Dwelling, with a Rogue hero, and get 4 damage channels for instance.



    Well then lets try fairly equal damage across all channels for single stack.
    also found that nice site, where I can paste name of ability, and then it displays units.

    Hmm I could use fey – 3/4/5 damage depending on tier for fire, ice and shock.
    At best 5x3x3 = 45 damage with no other modifiers.

    Bane/Rime fire contains blight, fire or ice and spirit.
    Archeon revanants has rime fire and bane fire is tied to necromancers and sorcerers class units.

    But this and tumlir aow guide doesn’t have filter for damage channels themselves – that is some units just inherently do damage in some channels.

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    It seems like there is pretty combat spell named cosmic spray – sorcerers have this spell.
    It does 4 damage in each channel – that is 24 damage total, it is area of effect of 1 hex radius.

    I guess I could try to recruit sorcerer heroes.
    6 of them would act as crowd control stack – potential damage of 144 HP!

    There is elemental mod on steam, that adds lesser and normal (spirot/blight) elementals for elemental specializations.

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