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    Not sure, everybody acted like those who are loyal to them are like their own sons or daughters. Look at Mab, look at Yaka. Mab is not goblin but she acts like she is their mother, so does Yaka acts like this for tigrans.

    You and I have very different interpretations of Yaka’s character. I always got the idea that Yaka only cared about the Tigrans as long as they kept winning wars for him, as soon as they lost one battle too many he was going to betray them the same way he did the Azrac. That’s not what I would call “treating them like his own children.”

    Mab did treat the goblins as if they were her children though, you are right there.



    Reading this makes me wonder. At which point were the obsidian dragons removed from the dwelling? I don’t remember them being present in vanilla. And does anyone know the reason why they were removed?



    Necromancer class confirmed!

    wait, that’s as old as this topic…

    They’ve never been there. Dunno why exactly. But when i thought to bring it up in the closed beta of Eternal Lords, they were already on text lockdown. They were only able to sneak in the summon spell by then, but Tombles did use it for an example mod little bit later.



    Part of it, I think, reflects obsidian dragons being something of an outcast among dragons (which is lore going back to AoW1 black dragons). Gold dragons are apparently the leaders of dragon lairs, and they won’t tolerate obsidians.

    Another part, I think, is to give a bit of balance between alignments and dwellings. Necropolises are basically completely useless to non-evil players except as a source of income. This is balanced by fey and dragon dwellings being still useful to evil leaders, but offering more to good leaders.

    Now, if we were to create a mod that made it possible to ‘purge’ necropolises into something else, then it would probably be fitting to combine that with the obsidian dragon mod and a mod to add a couple of evil units to fey dwellings. (Nightmares as an evil unicorn counterpart and possibly bring back the Lady of Pain?)



    (Nightmares as an evil unicorn counterpart and possibly bring back the Lady of Pain?)

    These could work very well.

    Wouldn’t have a clue how to do the Archon Dwelling mechanically though, if you want to change them around. I suppose you could use a spell to switch them out, but that’d always mean destruction of any improvements I think.

Viewing 5 posts - 91 through 95 (of 95 total)

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