Dev Journal: Cities of the Dead

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    fuck mixing pots


    That’s a good point to bring up, actually..inns. Inns are a huge deal, possibly the most important single map feature, since they let you quickly get a tier 3 early when you have money to blow and don’t have the production to spend it. A necromancer wouldn’t be able to babysit that (living) tier 3 nearly as well as other classes (probably). A player that can get a few levels on an early tier 3 while their neighbor doesn’t have one can really punish them, probably even knock them out of the game in the first 15 turns or so all else being equal. Every other class either gets solid hero army passive buffs or heal spells/abilities or both, but necro might not have these that will affect living units. We’ll have to wait and see!



    Eh, if you’re talking about the first 15 turns, I doubt people are likely to have the critical high cost empire upgrades that can make a racial T3 extra strong, in the large majority of cases.
    As for healing said T3(such that it levels more easily), somewhat reliable ways include a Theocrat or Archdruid starting-offered Hero, or even simply playing as Humans, Dwarves or Halflings, and getting a racial support in your starting army. After all, based upon the format, I can very strongly presume that none of your starting units under Weak/Medium/Strong army settings, will be Ghouled(your starting city likely won’t be, simply due to Growth mechanics).
    It’s only in Battle army settings that Class units show their head(presumably in the Necromancer’s case with class supports guaranteed, for the healing).

Viewing 3 posts - 121 through 123 (of 123 total)

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