Dev Journal: Cosmic Events

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    Lennart Sas


    So players will get their wish of random events messing things up. Wow, that will be fun, but it will throw some players off their game.



    I love you guys. Keep up the good work devs!



    I love random events. I was beginning to think we were only having dead things which I will only fight against. Random events adds much needed spice to the game.

    Have you considered WEATHER random events too. Like rain, snow and fog, affecting battles and move etc?


    I wonder what, if any, are the triggers for these. Would be cool to be able to nudge a few of these events into being :).

    Excellent stuff.



    Nice, these will work very good in conjunction with activateble altars in custom maps, thx guys!



    Sounds great, and making it a toggle ensures that the MP crowd can just turn it off if they don’t like the idea. (Something you guys have been fantastic at doing)

    Seriously, I wasn’t sure if I’d like the idea of random events, but these seem utterly awesome (and the accompanying visual effects are brilliant).

    Something like the opposite of the Shooting Stars might be interesting, such as a Cometary “Ill Omen” which gives everyone a morale penalty. (May or may not be cribbed ever so slightly from the Black Company books).

    Perhaps some kind of events (Droughts etc) that have the potential to modify terrain or biome? (Would make terraforming and/or X Empire spells more important).

    I’m just spitballing there. But I do know that I love the idea of events like the Rise of the Lich King one, and would love to see more of that ilk.


    Lennart Sas

    Regarding Weather: the Fallen Clouds is basically a super charged fog. There will be things like droughts too; but all have a bit of a supernatural or cosmic ring to them. The normal change of seasons felt a bit too mundane.



    Hmm, how about some kind of event (Refugees or some such) which puts neutral stacks of troops which are hireable by whomsoever can reach them and pay them. A kind of simulation of the defeated or former servants of defeated Lords (off map of course) retreating elsewhere and looking for work with whomever shall take them (could even tie a few heroes into it, I suppose).

    The flipside could be that it also puts in some hostile stacks looking to carve out their own baronies etc. (Basically supercharged bandit stacks with the potential to draw from a wider pool than just Scoundrels/Assassins)



    Oooo lovely! This could be expanded even further, like meteors hitting the ground bringing some space monsters with them and changing the ground around the hit zone to volcanic, or meteors that bring cosmic artifact to a random place on the map but everyone could see it hit the ground etc.



    Maybe changes in the mana current, changing some node (or all) production, like fire = 0 water = 20 or halving/doubling all node.
    Maybe even changing node type.

    Magical unstability: all enchantment are disjuncted/reinforce randomly

    Maybe some kind of temporary teleporter (1 way)

    Some really strong wind/ blizzard Move penalty for flyer, ship. Reduce ranged damage



    Great! Can’t wait. When can we preorder it?



    how i love you all ๐Ÿ˜€
    what a batch of awesome



    There was a recent thread asking for the introduction of weather patterns on the strategic map, looks like the poster has his/her wish granted.

    More variety of cosmic events in the release version would be nice, maybe something like wind storms to give range-heavy armies something to think about along with heat waves to slow down all armies as they pause more often to avoid dehydration?



    Excellent addition! Looking forward to it.

    Some ideas:

    Shadow Gates open and out comes Shadow Demons, or Syrons, or Chaos Lords, or other nasties.

    Rip in the Space-Time Continuum. Revert map to two turns ago. Yikes!



    I for see the multiplayer crowd ignoring this entirely, just like empire quests, cities, and every specialization that isn’t fire or wild.

    This system looks really cool though. It definitely needs more events though. I can think of a few off the top of my head.

    Rising Waters: Basically every non-structure non-mountain tile that is adjacent to water turns into a water tile for 5 turns. The riverways widen, and the sea creeps in by a hex. Bridges get flooded out more or less, so crossings become more perilous. After this is done, all hexes revert to normal. You could have non-city structures flood too, as long as they don’t get damaged.

    Flash Freeze: All the rivers freeze over for 5 turns. Could be a localized effect limited to Arctic terrain. Functionally the reverse of the rising waters, as it makes movement easier.

    Meteor Shower: Several meteors fall to the ground across the world in random locations. These meteors spawn elementals which protect them, and have extremely valuable items inside(because sense).

    Monsoon Season: All races except goblins suffer movement penalties off of roads, up to 6 movement cost, while roads still function normally.

    Scorching Heat: All units have a chance each turn to be become fatigued or debuffed by minor heat effects. Units outside of cities get -250 morale. Units with fire resistance(even 20%) are unaffected. Rivers dry up for a turn, become barrens.

    Burst of Life: Forests across the map begin to expand. Each hex adjacent to a forest tile has a 30% chance to turn to forest each turn. This can include roads. Lasts 5 turns.

    Cutting Winds: All ranged attacks have their max range drop by 1. Long range attacks drop by 2. The winds disrupt accuracy. Additionally, embarked units either take small amounts of damage each turn, or are move randomly at the start of every turn to within 3 hexes. Flying units take damage each turn, unless they start the turn in forests.

    Unnatural Stillness: Ranged attacks increase their range by 1(2 for long) and embarked units have their movement reduced by half.

    Great Quake: All cities are hit by the spell City Quake simultaneously. Nonflying units across the map take damage, as though a lesser form of Earthquake has been cast, doing like 30 damage. Machines take no damage(or very little) due to sturdy construction and balance reasons.

    Temporal Anomaly: Units move at half speed for 5 turns. Cities produce gold, mana, and production at 50% faster and research.

    Age of Wonder: All empires have their happiness boosted by 400 for 5 turns.


    This looks fantastic! I would honestly pay for a dlc that was nothing but more of these random events. There is really no limit to the amount of events you could do with a system like this.



    CHAOS STORM: All units not on a city hex(the 7 that makes up the city proper: Are bombarded with elemental magic each turn. First turn is 3 damage dealt 3 types, with a random element for 9 total. Second turn is 5 damage 3 times. Next 3 turns after are 10, 15, and then 20 damage 3 times. Units that are hit have a small chance to suffer a permanent mutation, with the chance corresponding to the damage: 3%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%. Players will want to seek cover, but some might put T4s out in the hope they’ll gain fantastic new abilities. Numbers need tweaking but chya.



    Season Unending: All units gain double exp for 15 turns, but only from combat with other players, not NPCs. This stacks with warlord bonuses multiplicatively. Units can now level up twice per fight before they cap out and cannot level anymore that fight.



    Cosmological Alignment: For the next 5 turns, Cosmos and Hidden spells may be researched, and occupy your research tree normally. On turns 1 and 5, research is boosted by 50%, on turns 2 and 4: 100%. On turn 3: 200%. On turns 2-4, all units gain truesight. If hidden spells aren’t finished being researched by the end of the 5th turn, that research is lost, and either way all hidden spells are removed from your research tree.



    Wow, this looks great! Not only the random events provide with usual effects (spawning units, etc), but also affect game map! Fog, starry night, I like these the most!

    Thanks, Triumph! I could not wait for the DLC ๐Ÿ˜€


    Not cosmic, but a random event nonetheless, could be visiting merchants who have unique armours and weapons etc for sale, at a certain location, for a fixed number of turns.

    Send a hero there to use.


    Erupting volcano:

    changes the topography of the affected area, throwing up permanent mountains after the eruption is finished. The eruption lasts 5 or so turns and will spew out firestorms on randomly selected hexes in the affected area.

    Whilst erupting, there is a chance that minerals from underneath the surface have been churned out, a.k.a. free gold for those brave enough to go in.



    Awesome! was hoping for a event sequence in the game =D

    My all time favorite kind of events are game changing events, such as:

    Weather patterns, Player bonuses/penalties, maybe even events that deal with Humor =)

    Weather patterns would be fun to mess around with especially when it changes on you all of the sudden =D

    tho I do have a question, how will the underground be effected by cosmic events, or will there be a separate kind of events for underground? Like the ground ripping open making a new entrance to the surface, or maybe spawns of unknown entity comes to the world, maybe even add a second layer to the map and it will be a deeper level of underground or a separate plane and unearth a new race like the shadow demons or even unlock the new race to play in the future =D


    Archon Emissaries:

    Counterpoint to Rise of the Lich King.

    The Archons rain down death and destruction on evil and unnatural creatures, and any they deem not worthy (now pure good matters ๐Ÿ˜‰



    Extremely cool news! These dev journals make my fridays so much nicer. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Some additional stuff on top of the good ideas that already have been posted:

    Solar eclipse: For some unexplicable (potentially magic) reason, the sun turns black, absorbing light instead of spending it. Each and every unit gains invisibility. Units with night vision gain true sight. Vision range is reduced by 2 for all units. Could last for 4 turns. Endgame event.

    Flying Dutchmen: All ships gain floating for 2 turns (Remember that epic archdruid bug? =D ). Ships that end their turn on a land hex get destroyed after this event.


    Kaiosama TLJ

    Impressive, this reminds of Master of Magic events and how a Plague teached me not to turtle by developing one single city first.

    Althought I wasn’t expecting a “boss” like the Lich King, and seeing how it rolls out in the game maybe we can see more of these. But one question: does the Undead stacks coordinate attacks or they just randomly attacks everything? Maybe the Lich King could also spawn with a Tower that would serve as a spawning ground for more unless you destroy him.

    Anyway, here’s my ideas:

    Eldritch Wormhole – Multiple Eldritch Wormholes spawn in random locations on the map. They are just like every structure that spawn roaming units but they can be heavily guarded (a stack of 6 with at least 1 Eldritch Horror) and can have nice rewards. The units they spawn to roam the map come from the summoning rooster of the Sorcerer.

    The Return of the Wizard King – This event is just like the Lich King one, except that it will spawn a random Wizard King/Queen like Yaka, Mab, Karissa, etc. And the stacks will be the Wizard’s favored race (Goblins for Mab, Orcs for Karissa…).

    X Node Aligment – Nodes of a certain elemental type will give +10 Mana income while nodes from a opposite element will give -10 Mana income. Being neutral, Mana Nodes will give +5 Mana regardless of Aligment.

    The Spanish Inquisition

    Was going to suggest more but Garresh beated me on it.

    Not cosmic, but a random event nonetheless, could be visiting merchants who have unique armours and weapons etc for sale, at a certain location, for a fixed number of turns.

    Send a hero there to use.

    That also happened in MoM, althought it was extremely rare. Only in 2 games I managed to get this event of a merchant selling an item.



    ‘Lich King’…
    Don’t you want to add a “high level spell” for a necromancer player so he can morph itself into a lich (king or not) ?
    Just to permit something different for this class in end game… each class have one or several ‘powerfull spell’ for late game.


    Jolly Joker

    Did I say awesome?

    I support the Magic Instability: Every global spell has a certain chance to be disjuncted each turn.

    Moon Eclipse: No Healing, no Resurging; undead troops get Life Drain.

    Falling Mountains: All troops on or adjacent to mountain hexes have a Stoning chance each turn.



    That actually gives me an amusing idea. What if each class has a transformational “ultimate” only gained by leveling up, not by research. Or, well, maybe by research, but it only affects the leader, and isn’t available to just any old necro.

    Necros get a slew of undead immunities along with life stealing, projectile protection, some blight damage, and whatever else is thematically appropriate. Rogues would gain physical protection, extra frost damage, and frostbite and freezing touch. Warlords would gain mind control immunity, the warbreeds regeneration, and some extra armor and damage.

    All transformations would give some bonus HP, though some more than others. Anyways just another stupid idea lol.

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