Dev Journal: Visualising the Battlefields

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    Hello everyone and welcome to the next installment of our Age of Wonders III Dev Journals. My name is Daniel and I’m an Artist here at Triumph Studios
    [See the full post at: Dev Journal: Visualising the Battlefields]



    Awesome, I really love the work put on making the TC battles! Especially the atmosphere, it’s wonderful and so AoW1-like ! ^_^


    My jaw just hit the floor. It hurt so good. This made my week.


    Red Key

    Great work! The tactical combat in AoW sets it apart and above other games in the same genre and it looks like it will be more impressive than ever. I agree that many other turn-based games have a chessboard feel to their combat. Thanks for also sharing some of the technical considerations – I find them interesting.

    Were battlefields procedurally generated in the past AoW games?



    Wow, it’s amaizing! I just love great battles in fantasy climat and this screenshots and artwork make me feel so happy. You also wrote about low spec. Can you say how low would they be (probably it’s time to buy new computer-only for this game);P.



    Awesome journal as always, thnx for sharing it! Those arts are beautiful. On the other hand these journals are just killing me every time. I will give my beer bottle collection to anyone who build a time machine and send me to the release date! 😀

    W You also wrote about low spec. Can you say how low would they be (probably it’s time to buy new computer-only for this game);P.

    Lennart Sas : The game is not going to be a system’s hog. We’ll support a wide range of quality settings. I think a 512 MB graphics card is minimum though. We’ll post more info on this later!



    Thanks for info. Now I’m double happy. It’s intriguing how would as good graphics work on graphics card like that. Regards to devs.



    Really great work!!! <3

    I’m waiting from too long for the arrival of the new Age of Wonders III, but i don’t want to put hurry, in my country there is a dictum:
    He who goes softly, goes safely and goes far.

    I see that you are progressing very well, will come an art opera, i’m pretty sure!


    Piko LV

    Wow. I posted it’s possible the new dev journal will arrive today about 20 mins before it arrived. xD

    This journal, as every one, is excellent. Btw, Is it an orcish army on the temple battlefield? And is the full of hexagons screen a tactical maps editor? God, it would be so awesome! 😀


    vota dc

    25 combo is great. Will be even possible Arctic + Swamp?



    Incredibly interesting. I like how the surrounding terrain is added in. What am I saying, I like everything I see here 🙂


    Great stuff lads! The more I learn about AoW3 the more I like it:

    We really want to move away from the chessboard feel…
    Right. If I wanted to have a chessboard feel I’d play chess.

    … we decided to develop a partially procedurally generated system.
    I’m really happy to hear that. One of my biggest worries was that the battle terrain will be repetitive thus making all battles’ gameplay similar. And here we have map making skills and controlled randomness combined.

    … area currently measures 25 hexes from side to side,
    Hmm… Still seems not enough to me. How big was it in AoW and AoWSM?

    background panoramas are dependent on the hexagons that surround the battle hex on the strategic map.
    Wow! This is something I was even afraid to dream of! (Low expectations make you less disappointed afterwards.. 😛 )

    We want this game to work on low spec machines as well
    Cool. Finally a game I can play maxed-out.



    now featuring multiple characters per unit.

    Multiple characters with a single health and experiance bar simply doesn’t work for me.
    Plus: abilities like seduce or evangelise make more sense on and against individuals than groups.
    It would just be like in Heroes of might and magic backwards: In HoMM you have one charakter for dozens of units. The looks don’t match the mechanics (thats very very bad).






    This sounds and looks great. Keep these dev journals coming. Looking forward to more in depth news on the races as well.


    Piko LV

    Seriously, the screen with coloured hexagon grid can be a combat map editor. I even think the white ones are a cursor of terrain brush. 🙂


    Wow! This really looks amazing! 😀

    btw, does anyone remember how many hexes a normal unit was be able to move per turn in the previous games? Looking at this picture, it looks like the selected unit can move four hexes. Is it just me or is this shorter than it used to be?

    Battlefields and movement



    Firstly the concept art is amazing, the colors and atmosphere it captures, hands down awesome.

    The technical with auto decal/object swapping and re-texturing is mind blowing and I’m a huge fan of the ‘background panoramas are dependent on the hexagons’ and also a fan of that stall prop! and i cant wait to hide my pike-men behind that boulder! You really can’t appreciate the code development that you don’t see will be taken for granted.


    Awesome. And panoramas are a cool evolution of the existing system.



    Remarkable. The dev diaries so far given me enormous confidence in the team working on AOWIII. Take as much time as you need, because I don’t see myself doing much else when it comes out.



    “btw, does anyone remember how many hexes a normal unit was be able to move per turn in the previous games? Looking at this picture, it looks like the selected unit can move four hexes. Is it just me or is this shorter than it used to be?”

    Yes, units used to move considerably more, and the battlefield was correspondingly bigger (in terms of individual hexes). The combat has clearly been re-scaled, with shorter movement, and this makes the map ‘effectively’ larger. Based on that scaled down movement, the size of the maps looks very good.



    EPIC and really inspiring!!! The care and effort being put into this game is really astonishing!

    The best part of this dev journal to me was:

    “So if you have an army that attacks you from the mountains, a mountain range will also show behind the attacking force on the tactical map.”

    I was already happy with the terrain where the actual combat is being fought being represented. To have the nearby terrain also is such an incredible detail, it adds so much to the immersion. I can see games where someone is losing the war, but suddenly ambushes someone’s army from the mountains with his/her dwarves – all with the mighty mountains in the background! There will be memorable games!!!



    Desert = Tropical + Barren?
    Or Blighted + Barren?



    I hope there is an overview mode.
    While I realize that you want to make the game prettier than the previous ones, this should not go at the cost of tactical overview.

    For example: If a large model (say a Bone Dragon) stands in front of some soldiers, it may be a pain to select them with the view mode I saw in the pre-alpha trailer. The angle is too steep.

    I hope there will be an option to get a complete top-down view in tactical battles for the sake of controlability.



    It would be nice to increase the size of houses. Now they look like a nice closet 🙂
    For holders of powerful PC can increase the number of units in the squad by 200%. That would be closer to TOTAL WAR and the real battles. But I’m sure it’s difficult to realize. I can only dream about it.



    I can’t wait till this comes out!
    Been waiting for this for a LONG time… and I’m really impressed with the outcome so far.
    I’m making sure all my friends get this game; please wait until it’s perfect to release it, that’s the only way to retain gamers and improve the online play.
    We can wait a little longer if necessary 🙂



    What release date are you shooting for?



    Before the end of the year if there will be no problem. 🙂



    Looks good, but I hope you’ll make the battlefield just a bit bigger, to make ranged warfare more strategic, and allow more maneuvering.
    I must say I prefer the 1 unit pieces myself; seems like this will tax the system for larger battles.



    Excellent news, this! Two thumbs up! 😀

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