Dev Journal: Visualising the Battlefields

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    It is really sad that mixing terrains from both hexes only seems to be used for panoramas. This ignores one of the main points made by Sun Tsu over 2000 years ago: that you should try to have your army in advantageous terrain and the enemy in bad terrain.

    Imagine your enemy is crossing a river or going through a swamp and you ambush him with archers. His cavalry isn’t of much use.

    Fortify one of your forces on a hill and keep the enemy in check while your other force advances.

    When attacking a fort, you might want to go around to an open area instead of pushing a big force through a narrow mountain path.


    Piko LV

    Imo it doesn’t seem so.



    Imo it doesn’t seem so.

    Okay, you convinced me.


    Piko LV

    Okay, you convinced me.

    I knew I’ll do.

    But seriously: there is no proof that the terrain of battlefield will or will not be made depending on the adjacent hexes, but it’s more likely that it’ll be, than it won’t.



    The game Looks great.

    I would like to see random and placed Battlefield objects with effects and interaction.

    Some ideas
    Neutral units that may attack their enemy, the nearest unit or passive
    Prisioners (webbed, tied, or caged.) any adjacent unit can free. The prisoner may either attack, help, run or be passive.
    Destroyed war machine an adjacent unit may use repair machine ability to fix it.
    Resources, building resource, magic item, spell scroll etc on map or in Chest.
    Chests can be opened by an adjacent unit may be locked and require a skill pick lock or attack the lock, enough damage opens.
    Traps placed on map. A detect and disarm trap skill.
    Trees that can be set on fire, hide a tree man or climbed (larger Line of Sight)
    Roads and paths that improve movement if you travel the path
    Haste berry trees, Move a unit to location fruit is lost unit gains more movement for 3 turns.
    Healing location healing stream, oasis, fruit.
    cabin, Hut. If the door is opened random or placed unit, or event appears/occures.
    spear rack any adjacent unit may activate and gain throw spear 1 until used in this battle.
    shield rack any adjacent unit may activate and gain Block skill until used in this battle.
    Body of water (improve effects of lightning and ice ablities weakens fire abilities of target in water
    Lava Stream stops all walking movment past stream every three turns.
    ability, skill or spell effect location casts or bestows the power when activated or at random. i.e Fire wall cast at random every 3 turns or fireball cast at closest unit or bloodlust cast on first unit that engages in battle each turn etc.

    Objects like these would appear on some battlefields mostly in apropriate locations like fire related event locations in volcanic terrain, prisioners in jail etc and sometimes randomly.

    It will provide new strategies, challenges and quests like; when you cant defeat a powerful monster maybe you can steal it’s loot. or free the prisioners before the guards can get you. or how many villages can you free from their huts before the invading horde destroys the town.

    What do you think any ideas or suggestions?



    Some are good, but only if they appear on the apropriate location. A random cheast /cage ect. in the middle of a tundra battlefield would be destroy the whole atmosphere of the battle. Also, its really hard to balance. If weak then making it was a waste of time, if strong then it will influence the battle too much. Its a strategy game in the first place and i want to win my battles because of my better tactic/strategy, not because some random power appeared closer to me than my enemy


    Tsi Iri

    I like the effort put in to make this able to run on low spec computers :D. Tsi Iri can’t afford fancy equipment 😛


    Piko LV

    Emm… Do only I see this being still on the main page labelled “New Dev Journal”?


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