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    These bad boys with muskets? im totally open to a giant creature race, they could be riding rhinos…


    Love and fear the gypsy’s prophecies



    Careful. Gypsy women don’t take kindly to being held, unless they invite it of course…


    @ vxfrob, how about giant pandas riding rhinos?



    Warcraft has unofficially trademarked Pandas in fantasy.

    I think a larger race no matter what they are (almost at a size with ogres could be cool idea so it would be almost the opposite to the halflings, the balancing could be tricky maybe alot more production time.)



    I doubt it. In the modern races, the Orcs are basically the ‘Big Guys’. As for already existing large races, the Dragons and the Giants were the original inhabitants of Athla, so there’s them. And individual units of the Shadow Demons (and Titans of the Archons) are pretty big as well.

    Which makes me think about the Titans, could be a Half-Archon/Half-Giant, in the same sense that Yeti’s (Frostling), Ogres (Orc) and Trolls (Human) are half-Giants as well?



    One more thing: About the T3 special unit discussion: There is 1 perfectly open place. The Manticore Rider of the Tigrans has alraedy been taken by the Warlord, so they need a new T3 unit, which can make for an interesting one (unless they just use the Sphinx as a T3 unit instead of T4).



    Bit late to reply, but I am willing to bet the new race if Halfling, i.e. hobbits.



    Well it seems the first time I saw this post I missed a few things. First of all they have specifically mentioned that there is at least going to be one new race with more in development. They specifically use the word others which implies more than one which one can take to mean that alongside the next new race there will be at least two more to follow.

    exotic new dwelling is that referring to a specific land, new type of area (similar to underground, or something like a new terrain to go with a new race?

    hope the development continues going along well and that we get some more information in the coming weeks. thanks for keeping us in the loop so to speak with development journals.



    Dwellings are used to refer to the Monster dwellings (Faerie Ring, Dragon Peak, Archon Tomb, Giants Citadel). So what they mean there is that we have another monster dwelling incoming (Not necessarily of Monsters, though).

Viewing 9 posts - 211 through 219 (of 219 total)

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