Diplomacy Auto-Balance offer not working?

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    Can someone confirm that it’s working on their game? I’ve played about 7 games so far and not one had this option work on the diplomacy screen, nothing happens when I press it. Is it turned off while the devs work on the mana/gold values for AI?



    I have the same issue, somehow once when i pressed the character said ” i cant accept this offer” or something along these lines but not clue how i did and now it does nothing.



    i’m not fully convinced that that button actually functions in any way and doesn’t just call

    void place_holder(){
    //fill in later

    in any case, how the ai reacts to you diplomatically will have far more to do with your respective army strengths than what you’re putting on the table. if you have a way bigger army than them, they want peace. if you have a much smaller army than them, they’ll break alliance immediately to attack you.



    It is just a gauge for relevant price anyway.
    With diplomatic offers, your military and their attitude determine the exchange rate.
    Count on 400+gold along with a peace offer if you are vastly superior to the AI’s forces (on Emperor).
    With stuff, the exchange rate for an at-peace, neutral to friendly AI are:
    1 mana = 1 gold
    Common: 50g
    Strong: 100g
    Epic: 150g
    Legendary: 225g
    Mythical: 300g
    So you can use your overflowing mana to rob friendly AIs even of their starting hero gear.
    And for cities I don’t have all the factors, so without the balance button try offering as much mana/gold as you can.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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