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    Does anyone know the mechanics about the empire relations number?
    Im trying to go for a diplomacy victory but i dont know for example if to forge an alliance i need an exact or higher positive X empire relation.
    I tried gifting and it said 100+ for valuable item(i gifted common item + 100 gold) and my rank changed to “Trusting”
    So anyone has this figured out?



    There are people who can answer your question better than I but I’ll give it a start: the mechanics behind diplomacy are more complex than shown by empire relations. Enemy AI at the very least takes into account how powerful you are (units), how threatened the AI is, the AI leader’s “personality,” plus, of course, empire relations. There are likely other factors but this is kind of a black box – and also something that has changed a good bit recently.

    I wish you luck in getting an answer that’s actually helpful in stead of just informative.



    You can look at your Vassal screen relation breakdown to get a feeling how the numerical relation would influence the AI’s acceptance of an alliance proposal.
    Same alignment, peace treaty, open borders all contribute positively.

    I haven’t had much success with gifts, but successful proposals (exchanging mana for gold or items etc) have sometimes staved off war declarations for me from 1.4 to EL 1.6. Keep in mind that the AI has often declared war on me in the same turn after accepting. In random maps, even with fixed teams at war with me, sometimes the enemy AI accepts trades, although at worse exchange rates.

    The only surefire way I’ve found to improve relations with the AI is to have military power that outstrips them by a fair margin. If I’m te first to get the Centurion Empire Quest or have a stack of T3s with each of my heroes while the AI has one main army – the Emperor AI’s even pay me 400-600 gold for a peace treaty (EL 1.6).

    Sometimes the AI wouldn’t accept alliance when it was inferior in every aspect, even if I showered it with exorbitant amounts of cash and mana. So my advice is to save, try giving it everything you’ve got, and then reload if that fails. If there is nothing you can give the AI to accept alliance, try the military might scare tactic instead.

    The change in AI behavior since 1.5 has introduced one obstacle to maintaining peace. If you box in the AI by growing your domain across all directions it could possibly expand – it will eventually realize it’s boxed in and declare war (even if it means breaking peace). I haven’t seen it break alliance, but I haven’t made allies often enough for a representative sample.

    Be careful when buying/gifting cities as that carries a First Blood relation penalty and tresspassing penalties for each garrisoned army.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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