[Answered] Disappearing Hellhounds

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    Hej following situation: I play druid and snatched two Hellhounds with “control animal” from a sorc with fire spec. i win the fight and they are within my army. Next turn somewhen midturn, just before/when he tries to disjunct “one with the elements” those two Hellhounds just disappear. Is there a bug that lets the cpu cancel them (because he summoned them in the first place i think?) Is there a bug because i mind controlled them and all my beasts have mind control immunity (this druid empire upgrade)? I don’t know, i have a saved file should i sent/upload it somewhere?
    Edit: I play on the stable 1.602 patch and the game was single player.
    2nd edit: I also have the empire upgrade active that makes summoned animals cheaper “wildlife refugee” (or similar) when i click on the hellhounds they show that they need 12 mana upkeep/turn, but in the active spells list they are not listed. Maybe that produces the bug?



    Not a bug. He just unsummoned them – no point in him paying the upkeep while some other joker is reaping the benefit.



    Oh well that explains that thanks! I somehow did think that as soon as i controlled them i’d have to pay the ukeep for them and wondered why it didn’t show in the active spell list.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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