Does the ai see through concealment?

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    I recall that the ai in the original AoW cheated in this way.



    Allegedly no. Never really did detailed tests, but some did and reported that the AI remains blissfully unaware of your hidden spies.


    Nope, they do not.

    However they will see your hidden units if they have True Sight, that Arch Druid spell, or they pass next to the hidden units. Other than that they will remain as unaware as the player when hidden units are abound.

    For an easy test forge the one ring of power in the item forge (invisibility) and throw it on a hero. Supposing none of the above three circumstances are true you’ll be able to roam willy-nilly and never be attacked. You could also test with Nightshade Faries or the Sorcerer Master Illusionist as well. In both of those cases you have full strategic invisibility.



    While we have someone with experience around, any idea how AI deals with “partially” or sporadically seeing you? E.g. you only have forest concealment, run around over some non-forest in their field of vision, but end move in some forests?


    That’s a littler harder to figure out, mainly because I don’t play Rogue often enough to have a clear experience from it.

    However, from what I have seen the AI reacts in much the same way you would. As in, I believe they ‘notice’ the unit, but once it goes invisible again they lose track of it, much as you would. Have you ever had those pop ups telling you a unit has entered your domain but when you click on it, it takes you to a random location and the actual screen showing what the units were is blank? I’m pretty sure that’s due to concealment and it may well be the same with the AI. They know something entered their lands, they know approximately where at, but they don’t have specifics.

    For example, in one game I was using a stack of assassins camped outside the capital of an enemy and I wanted to get from the forest, to a resource node closer, and within one turn of the city proper, to do so I had to run across open fields. Undoubtedly the AI saw this, but they did not send troops to investigate nor did they begin to reinforce or send troops from elsewhere to fortify the town. Indeed, a few units actually left the city some turns later and I struck from the shadows taking the city with relative ease.

    In another case, using forest concealment again, my army was forced to run through open lands near a city. This was a considerable sized army and in response the AI started to fortify their city and move units towards it. They didn’t try to tack the unit down, as it was hidden again, but they did know a force capable of taking the city was hiding somewhere.



    Thanks for the replies.



    From my experience, AI starts cheating the moment it is playing Quest-mobs for an independent city or dwelling.

    If my concealed units come within attack distance of an stack I have to destroy for a quest, then that stack will directly attack my concealed units as if they were visible.



    I think it does know, its just more likely to ignore them.

    I MC Assassins pretty often to use as scouts, and after a few turns sitting near a city, the AI abruptly kills them. Direct charge, no true sight/druid spell.

    So sitting a concealed stack near a city doesn’t trigger the “burn everything and run”, even if the stack is sufficient to normally trigger it. Its a strange mix of knowing (know it can’t kill the stack) and not knowing (its not meant to see said stack).

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