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    What Reefpirate said is correct and im sorry for jumping like i did. The reason for the jumping is because I keep finding things that are broken or unpolished or don’t work very well so i’m hopping around. Also I read peoples posts and decide that I was wrong so then I drop that topic. This isn’t an excuse for my behaviour but I would just like to explain it.

    I also want to apologize for using the word finished. This was obviously a poor choice. When I say it doesn’t feel finished I mean that there are certain aspects of the game that just don’t seem to blend well together and other parts where the game is clearly broken. Im sorry for implying that the few issues I have brought up cause the game to be unfinished. I should have used unpolished or something along those lines. At the same time I don’t think it’s fair to compare games when it comes to a finished product or not. I dont think I did that and if I did I apologize. The only games we could really compare when it comes to polish would be games created by the same company.

    That being said I was kinda paraphrasing what you were saying bloody. Instead of giving my ideas some type of credit you just passed them off as the gateway to some absurd attempt at perfect realism in a fantasy game. I’m not asking for my ideas to be implemented and I didn’t really mean to get into an argument. I just don’t see how you can think ninjaing cities is a good thing.

    Im not asking for perfection and I understand how the game design system works and how devs are forced to release before it’s totally ready. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t have released the game. All i’m trying to say is that the game does not feel like a game i would personally be okay with releasing. No, I have not made any games but I have made a few mods and maps for friends and my own use. Personally I try to make sure that the player never sees any code whatsoever and i try to make sure that the game will not crash. With mods this is is a lot easier than with a full game I understand that as well.

    I just want to end saying I was never attempting to cite a single reason as the reason I thought the game was unfinished. The multiple issues I brought up makes me feel the game is unfinished not just the whole cities thing. Again sorry for implying that. Totally not what I meant to do.


    Nowadays, I usually get this feeling that I have to wait for a patch or two to make a game playable as bugs and issues would usually pop out on the first week of the game. I personally waited for the first patch before delving in to games that I plan to play until the end. I would say that I would not blame you if you would feel that a game is not yet “finished” as you have said as I felt it with other games as well.

    I reckon with a couple of patches (one patch could not cover all the issues), the game would be great and would be even better once they roll out expansions. In my experience, I feel like what I felt with Crusader Kings 2, I was never really that crazy about it until they released the Old Gods. I reckon it wasn’t that good and felt incomplete when they released it but it only became better and better with patches and expansions and I think it would be the same for this game as well. Let’s give the devs time to patch things up.



    Actually, none of us except the devs know what the state of ‘finished’ is.

    Unless they explicitly said it themselves.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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