Dwarven Necromancer

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    I should say, with the addition of ‘racial governance’ (and free-xp undead willing to be kicked away by city defenders/leader doomstack :D), the game is better than ever. When I decided to give a try to dwarven necro (after elven and human one), I thought it will be funny…but I was mistaken, it wasn’t just funny, but is a completely brutal 🙂
    I know, I’ll write many obvious things, but…I’m still under impression of how brutal dwarven necro is.
    First of, their racial bonus to def and res. I guess no explanation is needed on that.
    Second. Except of Deathbringer, summons and Prospector (or how’s it calls), most of their units armored (yeah, Armored Reanimator anyone?), so with ‘enchanted armory’ and ‘meteoric armor’ (or whatever it calls)…god, I don’t want to be someone who meet that
    On the second point, want to mention, that I haven’t reach that myself yet (haven’t much time to play last night, sadly), but even in theory it sounds rather terrifying. If someone else have already seen that kind of necros, it’ll be interesting to hear.



    My first Necro RMG was a Dwarven Necromancer, and whilst it was pretty damn powerful, I did get kicked around by a Lord Tigran Sorcerer until I managed to assassinate him and take his throne city after nearly 100 turns of back and forth fighting.

    Powerful combination, definitely, but the mobility drawbacks of Dwarf units are very noticeable. (Though Improved Mountaineering is a very useful RG upgrade)


    Also the economy. Necromancers have a poor one, and dwarves cost more. You also waste some blight resistance.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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