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    Hmm, I should consider transferring my Necromantic powers to the other dimension. Would make certain things a lot easier. Mwuhahaha. :-)

    Lol – maybe start with secretely installing a corrupted well at the TS-office 🙂



    Turn 4 – Robert Thistlewood

    ¡Hola Diary!

    Today started of just fine and dandy. The clergy finished their studies and will start training the first local to be a Martyr tomorrow, after they’ve blessed the palisade that should be done tomorrow.

    We’ve asked them to keep up the good work and go straight on to studying how to teach the local lads and lasses some piety and how to polish their armour properly. This should give us some push and a way to keep those giant Penguins away from our Martyrs. After that we’ll teach the lads and lasses how to spread the word.

    However, things took a turn for the worst when we attacked the rival taxidermists club south of Mr. Penguin’s abode.

    Robert Thistlewood

    What type of foul creatures are these? These are not the uppity taxidermists I expected to find. It seems that the spawn of Melenis has reached even this far, so spoil the lush field from my childhood memories.

    We were caught offguard. My troops fought bravely against the incorporeal fiends, but they were powerful indeed. Both blade and chicken passed through them and with me being so sorely unprepared, I had not the mana to smite the abominations.

    In the end, I sacrificed myself to save to my brave troops. I faced the wraith in the melee, giving them the chance to land the finishing blow. I’ll have so send a letter to Sr. Penguin to tell him our hunting trip will be somewhat … delayed, while I recover.



    Turn 5 – Robert Thistlewood

    [Spooky Hollow Echoing Voice]
    ¡Hola Diary!

    Today was useful, but uneventful. As I rejuvenate in the Void, my followers are left to fend for themselves. The scouts continue their search for penguins and the troops push forward, but lacking my direct guidance my magics start to fail and progress is slow.

    Fear not though, as I shall return soon and then the hunt will be on.
    [/Spooky Hollow Echoing Voice]

    Overview Map


    Lennart Sas

    Turn 6 Lord Penguin

    Finally, the stars indicate a probably victory against the neighbors of clan Borndhal.
    I decide to manually take control over the battle. Unfortunately one of my mammoths perishes in its attempts to break down the stone city wall. The 6 ranged defenders concentrate their fire on the gentle giant. I could have tried to have my hero Theo absorb the mammoth’s damage, but with its low defense and massive amount of hit points Theo likely wouldn’t have survived this kind gesture of this living doo-gooder.
    One mammoth rider is a small price to pay for the walled city of Borndhal. Deciding who lives and who dies (again) is all in a day’s work of Lord Penguin.

    But I’m in a cheerful mood, this big city is a great addition to my Nordic realm , and I already have found a second city to set my sights on. They have quest available. For now I’ll play along.

    2015-05-15_00002 2015-05-15_00003



    The war continues :O



    Ugh, you only made it to turn 6?
    What happened?

    Check out my report ;P
    I made it to turn 27 until now…

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