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    Right now, evolve is a bit in a bad spot. It’s generally nice if you Initiates go Storm sister or you (finally) get your spider/serpent/kraken to grow, but these last are very rare cases. The most common and dreaded (D)evolve is the Draconian Hatchling. Going from a nice ranged damage irregular, there are 4 places you can go. The elder’s not so bad, flame bolts, dragon ancestry. Flamer, doable. You got fire bomb, which is nice. But going from a multipurpose unit to a crusher or charger has never made anyone happy. Therefore i would like to propose some general buffs to evolved units, to make you finally want to put effort in getting them there.

    Hatchling: Units evolved from hatchling recieve 2 fire damage on all melee/ranged attacks.

    This would slightly buff flamers/elders, but it would really help the two despised ones by adding a damage channel. They’d have use and you’d want to level them again, because their max potential is so much higher than from fresh troops starting out with 2 medals. its WORTH the effort.

    Initiate: Would like a small buff. maybe also 2 shock damage on melee and ranged? there are no bad options to buff, but i’ve always found it weird the Storm Sister had stunning touch, but not Shock damage on melee.


    Maybe a buff like the others, but not neccesary. these creatures are not getting worse in any way, since they are going from T1’s to T3/T4’s.



    I completely agree with you here any unit you spend that much time evolving should get a bonus even in my opinion the t-4 units though that should be much smaller however I dont think its a good idea to give extra ranged damage to elders or flamers I think it may start a riot lol



    its not that easy to get a hatchling to gold.. also, it is a relatively small but usefull solution, and I think it would be easy to implement.



    I should mention that units that you attempt to evolve will also get focusfired by the AI very hard like the problems Engineers is going through. It was crazy watching everytime my Hatchlings became a trooper only for the AI army to suicide immediately just to make the hatchling die despite the fact it’s at full life while there’s an near death recruit hatchling locked in melee contact with the enemy unit.

    It takes phenomenal amount of luck as well to get irregular survive long enough to reach elite.

    There is some ways though, you have to really keep the irregular super safe. Avoid where massive battles is happening. Prey on weak independents. Be warned, indies focusfire on your irregulars just as hard as major AIs do but they lacks spells so they can’t just go ha, now your irregular die to a fireball. And have smaller armies/ fewer flyers on average.

    Major causes of irregular unit’s death, Suiciding unit who don’t mind eating 5+ attacks of opportunities just to oneshot your irregular all the way in the backline. I watched an AI warbreed get hit by 3 knights and two human archers of mine once just to kill my friend’s dwarf hunter in one hit.

    Next, Flyers with huge range and high attack power will zerg your irregular the moment they can launch even one attack even when such a action will result in flyer’s horrible horrible death.

    Spells, fighting major AIs open your irregulars to being sniped by spells.

    And finally, if it is in the range and the AI unit think it can survive to reach your irregular and stab it before it becomes elite, it will attempt to do so even when it accidentally dies in the process to your high damage rolls.

    However if your unit manage to evolve, the AI will treat it like normal instead of being insanely high priority target XD

    And in respect of all the obnoxious yet very human-like level of griefing from the AI in regards of your irregulars/evolution units which leads me to believe that evolved units need to at least differ from the units that could be found in wild to represent the fact that they underwent such crazy trials like surviving warbreed’s attempt to gank it by greatly boosted stats/appearance in final evolution form as like congrats you achieved the annoying job now enjoy the unique unit!

    I should know, I brought alot of engineers against Julia archdruid, not one of them survived past veteran level from all the focus fire. >< Except for the starting two engineers which only reached elite because I took them and went farming indies in that map while the juggernaughts pressed on.



    And that exactly what keep this evolve mechanic with the realm of balance, and why the current evolving is almost punishment for keeping you units alive.

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